John’s BIG Behind the Scenes Photo Gallery


Photo Gallery: John Thomson has been in his ‘photo loft’ for a good rummage through his archive again and come up with his biggest photo gallery so far. A very mixed bag; from John’s home races in Canada to the Classics and cyclocross…. Enjoy!

Take it away John: “A big mixed gallery including legends, champions, mud, dust, race fans and some behind the scenes screenshots of me shooting at races and the resulting photos. I used a zone focused Ricoh GR ll with a Canon flash for most of the shots, except for Strade Bianche, the Roubaix velodrome and some Tour of Flanders, where I used a Nikon D3. Happy cycling in 2021!”

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Vincenzo Nibali in Antwerp at the start of Tour of Flanders 2018 and going to ride the Giro-Tour double this year

Danish and future world champion Mads Pedersen finishing 2nd at Tour of Flanders 2018

Peter Sagan with mouth closed and breathing through his nose had a very good day at Tour of Flanders 2016

Sagan putting the pressure on Vanmarcke and Kwiatkowski with Devolder chasing for Cancellara at Tour of Flanders 2016

Marco Coledan and Zdenek Stybar at Tour of Flanders 2016

Eugert Zhupa and Silvan Dillier at Tour of Flanders 2017

van avermaet
Van Avermaet with Sagan and Naesen before the “jacket incident” at Tour of Flanders 2017

Nils Politt shows the effort in a break at Tour of Flanders 2016

A kid from Canada getting ready for his first monument. Recently retired Ryan Anderson in Bruges at the start of Flanders 2016

Andreas Schillinger flanked by previous winners Mark Cavendish and Tyler Farrar at Scheldeprijs 2016

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Hoping to see more shots like this. Fabio Jakobsen at Scheldeprijs 2018

Kevin Reza at GP Montreal 2017

US champion in mountain biking and cyclo-cross Ryan Trebon at Yaletown GP Vancouver

Canadian Ryan Roth at New West GP 2017 won the Tro-Bro Leon as well as the National Road Championships in 2012

Canadian former pro cyclist and speed skater Kirsti Lay winning the New West GP 2017

Vintage crash shot on film at Merritt to Kamloops stage race criterium in BC

Remarkable Rwandan Adrien Niyonshuti at Quebec GP 2016

Peter Sagan at Paris Roubaix 2016 has a full schedule planned for 2021

Swiss champion Silvan Dillier during his great ride at Paris Roubaix 2018

Sagan and Dillier on the velodrome at Paris Roubaix 2018, a popular winner and both good sportsmen

German champion Andre Greipel on his gorilla bike rode to a fine 7th place at Paris Roubaix 2017

Marcus Burghardt as German champion at Paris Roubaix 2018

Jempy Drucker at Paris Roubaix 2018

Niccolo Bonifazio in the dust at Paris Roubaix 2017

Niccolo Bonifazio still in the dust at Paris Roubaix 2017

Jens Keukeleire at Paris Roubaix 2018

Arnaud Demare finished a fine 6th the previous year but is not happy at Paris Roubaix 2018

Steven Tronet as French champion at Paris Roubaix 2016

Family man Wout van Aert providing good family entertainment at Zonhoven 2018

van der poel
Mathieu van der Poel checking the conditions on a “warm up lap” at Hotondcross Ronse 2019

Quinten Hermans as U23 European champion as the fans watch on the big screen at Overijse 2016

Cameron Jette for Canada at Namur 2019

The legendary Graham Watson at his last Tour of Flanders 2016 before retirement

My view of the finish line from up a tree at the Roubaix velodrome

Finish line shot from up a tree of Greg van Avermaet winning Paris Roubaix 2017. I wasn’t the only nut in the tree as there were two Belgians on branches above me

Me at left shooting Kwiatkowski at GP Quebec

37 kwiatkowski
World champion Michal Kwiatkowski on last lap at GP Quebec 2015

Me at far right shooting GVA attacking to win GP Montreal 2016

van avermaet
Greg van Avermaet goes for the win at GP Montreal 2016

Me at upper left on my favorite corner shooting Gastown GP. Photo by Greg Descantes

Svein Tuft at Gastown GP

Me at bottom left shooting low angle shots between the barriers at Gastown GP. Photographer unknown

Eric Young winning Gastown GP

Brad Huff 2016 US criterium champion leads at Gastown GP

Me getting a low angle shot of Gilbert on Mariaborrestraat at Flanders 2017

Philippe Gilbert winning at Tour of Flanders 2017

Me at left shooting Bardet “spray and pray” with a Nikon D3 and zone focused 20mm lens at Strade Bianche

Romain Bardet riding to the podium at Strade Bianche 2018

My flash at right shooting Fuglsang and Alaphilippe at Strade Bianche 2019. Packed in like sardines with all the fans

Alaphilippe about to pass Fuglsang for the win at Strade Bianche 2019. The great photog Jered Gruber is kneeling centre

A shot to make both Nikon and Canon fans happy. A Nikon D3 with a Canon flash in manual mode

The flash indicates my position to get a low angle shot of GVA at Paris Roubaix

van avermaet
Greg van Avermaet riding to the win at Paris Roubaix 2017 and back on a BMC bike in 2021

My position at right where I shot Sagan in the dust at PRB

Peter Sagan in the dust at Paris Roubaix 2017

Me at right shooting Cancellara at PRB 2016

Fabian Cancellara riding his final event filled Paris Roubaix in 2016

Me crouching down in a crowded prime location at Overijse for close up shots of Wout

van aert
Wout van Aert close up with the fans at Overijse 2016

van der peol
Me at left shooting MVDP at Overijse 2016

ven der poel
Mathieu van der Poel winning at Overijse 2016

Lots of room to shoot Toon at Overijse with the fans on the other side so they can watch the big screen

Toon Aerts at Overijse 2018

Shooting MVDP one handed at Namur. The other hand held my umbrella for most of the day

van der poel
Mathieu van der Poel winning at Namur 2019

My flash at upper right getting low angle shots of MVDP at Essen 2016

van der poel
Slipped chain for MVDP at Essen 2016

van der poel
Mathieu van der Poel under pressure after a mechanical and chasing Wout in the rain at Essen 2016

young fans
Young fans at Essen

Palm stamp was used back when fans went to cross races


Fans of all ages are looking forward to racing at Overijse

Sanne Cant seen here at Overijse 2016 has won 12 consecutive national titles

Sophie de Boer and her “mystery” bike up close with the fans at Overijse 2016

Cross legends Roland Liboton and Roger de Vlaeminck at Overijse 2016. I was too much in awe to stop and chat

The winning bike from Zolder covered in the original mud on display at the bike shop of Niels Albert

Friendly Dutch fans offering up refreshments at Essen for medicinal purposes only

# Big thanks to John for a great selection of pics. You can see more HERE. #

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