Oakley MSK3 unveils fashionably protective face mask that works with sunglasses

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The new Oakley MSK3 face mask is clearly designed with athletes in mind, but that should (and probably won’t) stop the masses from checking it out. Built with a flexible silicone outer gasket, it molds to your face while also creating a soft landing pad for your sunglasses.

The important part is the filter, of course, and they include two different replaceable, disposable filters with it. One is merely for larger particulate. The other is the one you want these days, filtering down to 0.3 microns.

interior of oakley face masks with replaceable filters

Fun fact: Coronavirus particles are smaller than that. And Oakley doesn’t make any medical claims about their masks. But, with the Performance filter, they should work anyway, because of physics.

The Coronavirus particles range from 0.06 to 0.14 microns, but researchers say N95 masks’ 0.3 micron filtration size actually works really good at smaller particles. That’s because virus particles are always bonded to something much larger, like water vapor, mucus, etc. Check out this story from USA Today for a deeper dive on the mechanics of how this works.

oakley face mask infographic

Other features include an adjustable nose bridge and adjustable straps, helping you create a secure, comfortable fit. The nose has a recessed groove for your sunglasses nose piece to rest in, so they shouldn’t slide down during activity

oakley face mask uses replaceable filters

The semi-rigid structure keeps the mask from caving in during use. For cyclists (and athletes in general), this should make it easier to breathe hard during intense efforts.

oakley face mask for athletes prevents sunglasses from fogging up with this molded nose bridge oakley msk3 might be the best face mask for athletes

In typical Oakley fashion, it’s expensive, with a retail price of $60. But, can you put a price on looking good? Get it on Oakley.com with free shipping, and replacement filters are $10 for a 3-pack.

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