K-Edge MAX computer mounts get yoked for bigger GPS head unit & light combos

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When the original K-Edge computer mounts debuted, Garmins were a lot smaller. And lighter. Since then, They’ve added the Pro mounts to handle adding a light or GoPro underneath. But we kept pushing it, didn’t we?

Now, they’ve introduced the new K-Edge MAX computer mounts, designed to hold your mega GPS cycling computer and high-powered, high-lumen headlights rock steady.

new K-Edge Max combo out front mount for cycling computers and headlights

Why? Because as cycling computers get bigger, they not only get heavier, but they’re also pushed farther from the bar. Which means more force cantilevered on a small piece of alloy. Add a 1200-lumen headlight or the larger new GoPro HERO9, and you could have more than half a pound sitting 3-4″ off your bar.

Their payload is rated at 123g up top, and 242g below, for a total of 365g (13oz). Mounts weigh between 47g and 63g, depending on model and combo mounts, including a new version (keep reading).

All Pro Series Mounts (K13-1500, 1500C, 1505, 1505C, 1600C, 1605, 1605C) will be switched to the New MAX Series Mounts (K13-4500, 4500C, 4505, 4505C, 4500W, 4500WC, 4505W, 4505WC). Retail prices remain the same at $49.99 each, or $64.99 with the combo mount.

There’s other new mounts and parts, too

new gray insert for wahoo computers on k-edge out front mounts

The light blue Wahoo computer mount insert will switch to gray. It’s made in Boise, ID, just like their machined alloy mounts, and will retail for $5.50 if you want to switch.

They’ve also added a dedicated Light & Motion mount that bolts to the bottom of the MAX. Check the video to see how it works!


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