Lezyne launches all new Multi-tool range with 23 different models, new finishes & feel

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Have everything you need for that next mechanical? If not, it’s time to reconsider your multi-tool. One of the best ways to stash a bunch of different tools in your pocket, the diminutive multi-tool has been a mainstay of the cycling world for decades. But that doesn’t mean there’s no room for improvement.

Always striving for the cutting edge, Lezyne is back with a completely redesigned mutli-tool range. Between the RAP II, V PRO, SV PRO, Super V and Super SV families, there are a total of 23 different combinations to choose from – everything from super minimal, to ‘everything but the kitchen sink.’ All of the tools feature new smooth-radius aluminum side plates for a better feel and light weight. The sideplates of the V Pro, SV PRO, Super V And Super SV also include integrated thumb holds that make it easier to apply more torque, and all of the tools include longer bits and easier tool fold-out.

Super SV

Super SV tool Super SV tool chart

At the top of the line, the Super SV tool includes just about everything – including a Tubeless plugging tool on the SV-23. The stainless steel promises a corrosion-free mini tool with claimed weights of 144g and 156g (SV-22, SV-23), and prices of $49.99/$59.99 respectively.

Super V

Super V tool Super V tool chart

The Super V is essentially the same tool as the Super SV, just not stainless steel. Instead, it features Lezyne’s new Black Anti-Corrosion Technology which they claim is a proprietary two-stage finish for “class leading corrosion-resistance”. That’s particularly important on the steel tool bits, but the anodized aluminum sideplates are naturally corrosion resistant. The lack of stainless steel bits drops the price down to $39.99/$49.99 for the SV-22/SV-23, with the same claimed weights of 144g/156g.


SV PRO tool SV PRO tool chart

The SV PRO line of tools is a bit smaller than the Super SV line, with a 17 function tool being the biggest of the bunch. You still get the stainless steel bit construction, and a wide range of choices from the tiny SV PRO-5, to the PRO-13 or PRO-17. Claimed weights range from 53g to 122g, and prices from $19.99 to $49.99.

V Pro

V Pro tool

V Pro tool chart

Again, following the same trend, the V PRO is the Black coated version of the stainless SV Pro. As a result, prices drop slightly to $17.99 for the starting point, and top out at $39.99 with the same claimed weights.


RAP II tool RAP II tool chart

Finally, the RAP II packs in up to 25 functions including a CO2 inflator, and rotor truing tool. Also featuring their Black anti-corrosion finish, there are two versions of the CO2 tool, and five versions without. Pricing starts at $12.99 for the RAP II 6, and tops out at $34.99 for the RAP II 25 CO2. Claimed weights range from 82g to 187g.


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