Granite Design Aux Cage mounts to bottle bosses – or not, with optional strap kit

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We’ve all been there. You want to carry a water bottle cage on your bike – only there’s nowhere to mount it. Rather than offering different cages for different mounting standards, Granite Design’s Aux cage allows you to do both.

Granite Design Aux Cage profiles

Yup, that’s right. The Aux cage will mount to any standard water bottle bosses. It will also mount to any number of things thanks to the lateral slots, above the traditional mounting holes.

Granite Design Aux Cage strap kit Granite Design Aux Cage mounted with strap kit

When purchased with the optional strap kit, the Aux Cage includes a silicone rubber pad that interlocks with the traditional mounting holes, and protects the frame from the cage while helping to hold it in place. Then, the silicone coated hook-and-loop straps allow you to cinch down tight – tight enough to hold a full bottle in place.

Kits include two sets of straps to fit tubing diameters from 27.2-70mm, which gives you a wide range of things to strap to.

Granite Design Aux Cage mounted with bolts

The Aux Cage itself is made from a carbon fiber reinforced thermoplastic composite, with a side-loading design to better work with full suspension bikes. Checking in at just 23g for the cage with a matte finish, you can pick up the cage only for $20.99.

Granite Design Aux Cage on top tube

The strap kit with a cage is a bit more, at $27.99 for the set.

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