Mondraker MIND integrated telemetry tool perfects easy & intuitive suspension setup

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An end to setting up shocks by feel, Mondraker’s all-new MIND integrated telemetry system replaces ideal suspension setup guesswork with real data-driven performance analysis & tools. Showing that suspension setup can be easy, true analysis can be intuitive, and that every mountain biker deserves to get the most out of their bike, Mind builds the sensors directly into Mondraker’s latest enduro bikes, automatically tracking fork & shock performance as you ride your real-world trails…

Mondraker MIND integrated telemetry simplifies perfect suspension setup

Mondraker MIND integrated telemetry tracking system suspension setup and analysis, teaser
c. Mondraker

Mondraker Mind is not the first suspension telemetry system we’ve seen, even outside of the pro racing circuits. But it’s certainly the first to be so neatly integrated into a complete bike by the original manufacturer.

While other comprehensive telemetry setups require oftentimes bulky & complex installations adapted to work on each bike, Mondraker’s Mind is so neatly integrated that you’ll forget it is there on your bike – constantly tracking how your bike moves, and automatically uploading its data to the cloud for you to analyze and plan how to tweak your setup.

Mondraker says it’s taken them more than three years to adapt their own pro-team World Cup racing tech into a user-friendly system that any rider can use to get “more speed and more flow”… “the world’s first fully-integrated telemetry device for mountain bikes”.

What is suspension telemetry tracking?

Mondraker MIND integrated telemetry tracking system suspension setup and analysis, rear angled teaser

The basic idea behind Mondraker Mind (and other similar tools) is to measure every tiny movement of your suspension, log all of that data, and present it in a way to better understand how best to optimize setup. While it starts with perfectly dialing in sag guided by the companion app, Mind reaches much further into figuring out what compression & rebound settings give you the best balance of control, grip, comfort, and ultimately speed.

Tech details – How does Mind work?

Mondraker MIND integrated telemetry tracking system suspension setup and analysis, fork smart sensor

Mind works by linking two wireless sensor pairs, in the front and back. A data logger/sending unit inside the steerer and under the fork crown tracks fork movement via a sensor magnet on the left leg. In the rear, a smaller smart sensor sits on the rocker arm pivot, tracking rear suspension movement via a sensor magnet at the main lower pivot. Together they log every bit of suspension movement (“millisecond by millisecond and millimetre by millimetre“), store it in local memory, then upload it to Mondraker’s online myMondraker platform when you sync via a smartphone app after the ride.

Mondraker MIND integrated telemetry tracking system suspension setup and analysis, front & rear smart sensors

More than just shock movement, Mind also has onboard GPS tracking to compile suspension movement with real speed, distance, time & elevation data out on the trail. You’ll even be able to pair your myMondraker account to automatically upload your rides to Strava, no extra device required. Use that data to figure out which lines are fastest, or which descents put the most demand on your suspension.

That also lets Mind track your air time, much like the latest Garmin Edge computers or even Fox Live Valve, which should make for some fun post-ride analysis sessions… and a new stat to compete with your riding buddies.

All of that telemetry data, suspension analysis & post-ride graphics are visible on the smartphone app, or from any computer via your account to get the best view of the data on a bigger screen.

Mondraker MIND integrated telemetry tracking system suspension setup and analysis, fork & shock sensors

Both of the smart sensors are self-powered with USB-rechargeable batteries, a continuous ridetime of 20 hours between charges, or 15 days on standby. Combined, the four total sensors add just a claimed 199g to your bike.

Another bonus feature is anti-theft bike tracking (since each Mind system is unique, non-transferable, and linked to the bike’s serial number in production.) Mind is already tracking every movement of your bike on its own, so Mondraker also included a built-in alarm system that can be set to notify you if your bike moves unexpectedly, and then can track its location if someone does try to actually steal it.

Mondraker Mind – Availability, options & future outlook

Mondraker MIND integrated telemetry tracking system suspension setup and analysis, rear smart sensor

The one real catch to Mind is that the system is specifically tailored to and neatly integrated into the bike, so it isn’t simply something that can be retrofitted. So for the time being, the only way to get it will be to buy a new top-shelf 2021 Mondraker Foxy Carbon enduro bike or Crafty Carbon e-enduro eMTB. And those aren’t bikes that will come cheap.

Mondraker’s top 2021 Foxy Carbon XR sells for around 9000€, and make that 13,000€ for the top Crafty Carbon RR SL e-bike.

Mondraker MIND integrated telemetry tracking system suspension setup and analysis, Crafty e-bike
2021 Mondraker Crafty Carbon MIND eMTB

And for now the bike with Mind suspension telemetry systems are exclusive to Europe (incl. UK & CH). Mondraker does say they plan to bring Mind setups to more XC, Trail, Enduro & DH mountain bikes as soon as possible over “the next few years”, so hopefully that will expand worldwide quickly, as well. Mondraker CEO Miguel Pina says he’s excited by the idea that “everyone who rides a Mondraker will from now on be able to enjoy the benefits of a properly set up bike.”

As a tech-loving mountain biker who knows how finicky suspension setup can be for anyone, I think that sounds like an excellent goal.

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