OSMO Active Recovery blends proteins for more punch, adds Blueberry-Pom hydration flavor

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Where most recovery drinks stick solely to whey protein, the new OSMO Active Recovery drink mixes in micellar casein. The difference? Whey tends to work quickly to boost free amino acids to give muscles the building blocks they need to start recovery.

Casein digests more slowly, acting sort of like a time release to deliver a consistent supply of aminos for hours after your workout. Mix it with milk if you want more of both, or stick to water, it mixed well with either.

It adds organic cane sugar to sweeten it and help replenish your glycogen stores. They also add electrolytes, green tea extract, L-Glutamine, and Vitamin D. Available in Vanilla or Chocolate, a 14-serving tub runs $35.00. Each serving provides 17-18g protein and 19g carbs.

osmo blueberry pomegranate hydration

They also have a new Blueberry Pomegranate flavor of their classic Active Hydration formula. Like the others (which include Blackberry, ), it’s vegan and gluten/dairy-free, and uses real fruit to flavor it. Unlike other brands, it keeps the solution to about 3.5%, which is roughly half the osmolality of others. They say this more closely matches that of the body so that it’ll move through your stomach more quickly and absorb faster.

Available, a 40-serving canister retails for $20.


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