Kogel chisels out Kolossos oversized MTB derailleur cage for SRAM Eagle

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For those looking for every performance gain possible, Kogel is at it again. This time, their Kolossos oversized derailleur cage family has expanded into the world of MTB. Specifically, for the likes of SRAM Eagle rear derailleurs.

Kolossos oversized MTB derailleur cage for SRAM Eagle bottom

You may recall that when Kogel introduced the Kolossus system for road and gravel bikes, at the time, they claimed it was the stiffest cage on the market in terms of road and gravel rear derailleurs. Even so, that wasn’t stiff enough to qualify as a mountain bike derailleur cage, so the Kolossos SRAM Eagle has put on some bulk with a heavily reinforced cage design. In spite of the larger 19 tooth bottom pulley and 14 tooth top pulley, the Kolossos Eagle is within 2mm of the stock Eagle cage, and Kogel claims that it’s nearly the same weight.

Kolossos oversized MTB derailleur cage for SRAM Eagle side

So if it’s roughly the same size ans weight of the stock cage, why bother upgrading? Like all of Kogel’s Kolossos systems, they claim that it reduces drivetrain friction while retaining shifting accuracy and chain retention. That includes lower rolling resistance from the road seals used on the bearings, though they recommend that you swap to their cross seals for “wet riding environments.”

Designed to fit both mechanical and AXS versions of SRAM Eagle derailleurs, each Kolossos is priced at $399. Keep in mind that this is just for the cage and pulleys – you’ll still need to provide your own derailleur.

Kolossos oversized MTB derailleur cage for SRAM Eagle custom

And if a $400 derailleur cage isn’t exclusive enough, you can also customize your Kolossos system. With the exception of titanium bolts, the choice of custom anodized colors for each component is available free of charge. Titanium bolts are available for an extra $20 in six colors, including oil slick.


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