Mullet Cycles roll out Honeymaker AL w/ $800 solid Gold overkill head badge option

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Mullet Cycles, a brand dedicated to designing mixed wheel size mountain bikes from the ground up, have today released an aluminium version of their debut hardcore hardtail. The Mullet Honeymaker AL is a slightly more affordable iteration with identical geometry to the original titanium frame. Let’s take closer look at this rather unique looking mullet hardtail.

Mullet Honeymaker AL

mullet honeymaker al aluminium 140mm hardtail mountain bike mixed wheel size
The Mullet Honeymaker AL runs a 29 / 27.5 wheel setup; check out our Podcast with the Mullet Cycles founders to learn more about their justification for mullet-only bikes

When we say Mullet Cycles are designing mixed wheel-size bikes from the ground up, what we mean to say is that you simply cannot run any other setup. Complete 29er? Nope. Complete 27.5″? Nope. Of course, you could bodge the latter, but doing so would be to greatly compromise the intended geometry of these mullet bikes.

mullet honeymaker titanium hardtail mountain bike with mixed wheel sizes
The original titanium Mullet Honeymaker hardtail mountain bike – check out Trey Richardson’s review here

So, what is that geometry? Mullet Cycles call it “Dirt Bike Geometry”, famously releasing one of the boldest geometry charts we’ve ever seen when the titanium Honeymaker debuted in Summer 2019. Instead of containing millimetres and angles, said geo chart replaced objective measurements with “Whip it to ya” and “Don’t fool yourself”, for parameters such as chainstay length and head tube angle. 

mullet honeymaker al frame only
The small Mullet Honeymaker AL weighs a claimed 4.54 lbs with the raw finish

You’ll be glad to know that they’ve finally succumbed to industry standards, choosing to publish at least some of the geometry figures for the S-L size range in good old fashioned metric and imperial units. The Mullet Honeymaker AL gets the very same geometry as the titanium frame, with conservative reach figures stretching from 398mm to 445mm.

Seat tubes are very, very short, allowing fitment of 175mm travel dropper seat posts across all sizes. The small measures up at 368mm while the large tops out at 457mm. No numbers are published for head and seat tube angles. Though, judging by the images, we’d hazard a guess that the former is at least 66°.

mullet honeymaker al chainstay bridge
Though the stays are routed around the seat tube to the downtube, they are bridged at the seat tube with an alloy plate

Mullet haven’t provided a chainstay length, either. Though, rear centre is more appropriate terminology here, given the unusual layout of the rear stays. Unconventionally, neither the chainstays nor the seat stays weld up to the seat tube. Both reach around the seat tube and connect directly to the downtube and top tube, respectively. That combined with the boost 148mm rear-end spacing leaves whopping big clearance for 3.0″ tires.

mullet honeymaker al hardtail has boost 148mm rear end spacing

Frame Details

The Mullet Honeymaker AL is designed around a 140mm fork, though Mullet Cycles say the frame is compatible with 150mm and 160mm travel forks too. They recommend offset be no greater than 44mm. 

mullet honeymaker al aluminium hardtail head tube welds

The aluminium frame runs a ZS 44/56 headset, an English threaded 73mm BB with ISCG 05 tabs for the mounting of a chain guide. The frame is optimised for a 1x drivetrain setup, permitting clearance for up to a 38T chainring. 

mullet honeymaker al front veiw
Mullet Cycles frames come with a Bronze head badge as standard though these are customisable

Pricing & Availability

Frame only MSRP of the new Mullet Honeymaker AL is $1,495, though the brand are offering a special pre-order price of $1000, making this aluminium frame $599 cheaper than the original Ti frame. Get it in Pisgah Green, Icycle Blue, Vintage White, Holeshot Silver, Bass Boat Black or a RawDog finish. 

Precious Metal Mullet Cycles Head Badges

mullet cycles alternate gold head badge

In addition to the standard bronze Mullet Cycles head badge, the brand are offering upgrades to rather more expensive previous metal versions. An extra $275 gets you a 100% Silver Sterling head badge. That’s not all…

mullet cycles precious metal silver head badge

Pay an extra $350 to get a 24K Gold Plated head badge. Or, go all out on a 14K Gold head badge for $800. Mullet Cycles say “Each edge [of the precious metal head badges are] patiently worked, casted and polished by the finest jewelers in NYC. Depending on the moisture of your environment, these coat of arms badges’ will petunia uniquely to complete the look of these timeless classics“.

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