Farr’s custom GPS Mount gets your computer out-front of their Carbon Aero Bolt-On aero bar

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Farr’s new GPS Mount solves a simple but confounding issue for endurance riders who otherwise love their curious little Carbon Aero Bolt-On aerobar extension. If you wanted a simple, lightweight GPS mount that kept your cycling computer centered out in front of the clip-on aero bars, options were quite limited. Now Farr’s new custom GPS Mount gives more options…

Farr out-front GPS Mount for Carbon Aero Bolt-On aero bar

Farr out-front GPS Mount for Carbon Aero Bolt-On aero bar, angled
c. Farr

The Farr Carbon Aero Bolt-On mini aero bar is a nice and simple way to add a more aero hand position on either flat or drop bars, adding less than 100g.  And it already includes a mounting area at the front that fits most 31.8mm accessory mounts. The trouble is/was that most of the cycling computer mounts you/we already use are actually offset to mount to your bar, but center your GPS in front of the stem. So using one of those meant your computer was off-center. Functionally that’s fine, but as any mildly-OCD endurance cyclists would tell you after many hours staring at navigation or heart rate zone, that can drive a rider crazy.

Farr out-front GPS Mount for Carbon Aero Bolt-On aero bar, centered

So with a simple project brief of centering your GPS in front of the bar and not weighing more than forty grams, they’ve created this adjustable all-alloy mount.

Farr out-front GPS Mount for Carbon Aero Bolt-On aero bar, details

CNC-machined from aluminum, the 3-piece mount is shaped specifically to the non-round section of the Carbon Aero Bolt-On aero bar (most conventional round 31.8 mounts do still fit to the aero bar). It weighs 40g, is adjustable in angle and position over the aero bar, flipped over to be more out-front, or even flipped inside to tuck you GPS inside the aero bar’s loop. And the $85 mount comes with both Garmin & Wahoo compatible mount inserts.

Farr out-front GPS Mount for Carbon Aero Bolt-On aero bar, angled top

If you need to mount more accessories like lights or a camera, look elsewhere. But if you already bought the Carbon Aero Bolt-On extension, this will give your cycling computer a sleeker, fully-adjustable place to sit. The new Farr custom GPS Mount is available to order/pre-order now, with deliveries planning to ship out next month.

Updated: Headspace bullmoose stem, with added stiffness

Updated Farr Headspace bullmoose stem, with added stiffness

Farr’s retro off-road bullmoose cockpit-inspired 31.8 x 70mm Headspace stem is also getting a running update as it’s about to be delivered to the early backers of the project. The final pre-production batch shows the addition of a pair of structs that connect what is now a one-piece top clamp for additional stiffness. Farr is still taking pre-orders of the unique stem, with the first ones shipping out to buyer also starting in March 2021.

That silver alloy top clamp can also be substituted with a Carbon Aero Bolt-On extension for the ultimate & most flexible sleek setup.


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