New Thule T2 Pro XTR hitch rack rolls in… literally

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Thule’s T2 hitch mount, tray style bike rack is a popular choice for all cyclists – it’s ultra-secure for full suspension bikes and crazy aero TT machines alike. It fits almost any size bike or tire.

The design has been the same over the years, with recent updates making it easier than ever to lift and lower. But now, something new just rolled in…

Thule T2 XTR Hitch Rack Locked and loaded with bikes

The new Thule T2 Pro XTR is the T2 XT plus an “R” for rolling, indicating the new rolling wheels for ease of transportation/storage. If you’ve ever tried to move a Thule T2, you’ll quickly notice the nearly 56lbs of weight – this is a welcome upgrade.

Thule T2 XTR Hitch Rack Folded

Over the years, Thule’s XT received updates; able to accommodate larger tires, spring-loaded retractable locks, and improved weather resistance. All that being said, the rack itself is still cumbersome and can be a two-person job to install. Hopefully, that’s about to change with the new T2 XTR.

Thule T2 XTR Hitch Rack New Wheels

Thule T2 Pro XTR 2 Specifications:

Thule T2 XTR Pro Specs -

Thule T2 XT-Rolling

Similar to the inline skate-style wheels on Thule’s luggage, these rubberized wheels allow the user to easily transport the rack and stand up independently when not in use – another big improvement. If you have a hitch rack in storage right now, I’m guessing it’s laying on its side.

Thule T2 XTR Hitch Rack Expanded for trunck access

Other features of the T2 rack remain the same. The T2 fits many different bike styles, stabilizing the front wheel with a maneuverable arm and securing the rear with a ratcheting strap around the rim and tire. The T2 XTR can accommodate up to a 5″ tire without adapters and up to 60lbs per bike. The rear stabilizing strap easily slides on the tray to accommodate bikes with a larger or smaller wheelbase length.

Thule T2 XTR Hitch Rack Ready to load bikes

Locking features are aplenty on the Pro level Thule options, and the XTR doesn’t deviate. Both front-wheel arms come with retractable cable locks, as well as the larger install knob to keep people from stealing the rack off your vehicle. The T2 Pro XTR comes standard with locking cores and keys.

Thule T2 XTR Hitch Rack Front view

Another important update is the ease of installation. Thule has slowly made its racks easier to install with its auto attach system, and the T2 XTR looks to have a more robust version of the feature.

Thule T2 XTR Hitch Rack On vehical

The auto attach feature allows the user to install the rack without a pin or tools. The rack slides into the hitch, and a spring-loaded arm holds it in place. Then simply use the locking knob to tighten down the displacement wedge, which prevents the rack from swaying or rocking.

Thule T2 XTR specs & pricing:

  • The new T2 XTR will only be available in Matte Black.
  • Available in 1.25″ and 2″ hitch configurations, and expandable to accommodate four bikes.
  • Look for the Thule T2 XTR to hit your local shops and outdoor stores around March 15th, and check back here for a full review.
  • Price: $649.95

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