Limited Edition Specialized Chisel “Disrupt the Decay” Artist Series tap Earth, Air, Water & Fire

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The Specialized Chisel is a great option for many riders looking to build anything from an XC-oriented race machine to an all day bike-packing capable rig and everything in between. The M5 Alloy frame features internal cable routing, threaded BSA bottom bracket, and Boost 148mm rear axle spacing with the capability to accept 30.9mm dropper posts with internal routing. With some frame sizes weighing under 1400g, the Chisel is constructed with D’Aluisio Smartweld technology like the venerable Allez Sprint road bike which moves welds away from high-stress areas, and presents a similarly capable platform to build on.

Specialized periodically releases limited graphics on some of their most popular frameset options, and this time around designers Kayla Clarot and Tom Briggs have collaborated to produce four unique paint schemes as a series called “Disrupt the Decay.” Inspired by the ever blurring line between the physical reality we live in and the digital world, Kayla and Tom chose to highlight four elements to “push against the digital world” and adorn the Chisel LTD frame.


Chisel LTD Earth DS

From Tom:

“This first bike, Earth looks at the desert landscapes and how those tones and textures heavily reminded us of ceramics, while also understanding that a desert often creates a gap in a landscape, an openness almost like a glitch upon the Earth, similar to a glitch in the digital realm”

Chisel LTD Earth DT
Chisel LTD “Earth” was inspired by the tones and textures of ceramics


Chisel LTD Air Full

“The merging of the natural wash on the bike with one of the most distorted and digitally manipulated versions of [the Specialized] logo ever created” are inspired by the “intersection of the clouds rolling over the Northern California hills off the Pacific and colliding with Silicon Valley at the doorsteps of some of the world’s largest tech giants” on the Air colorway.

Chisel LTD Air Head Tube
Chisel LTD “Air” features the classic Specialized “S” with a digitally distorted treatment


Chisel LTD Fire DS

From Specialized:

“Fire can be overwhelming and creates a barrier, with only small gaps between the flames to pass through. Similarly, digital firewalls are a barrier, only allowing small pieces of data to pass through. Reflective foil pieces under red tint on the Fire frame represent data passing through, while the Chisel graphic on the seat tube melts from the heat of fire.”

Chisel LTD Fire ST logos
Chisel LTD “Fire” seat tube features foil logos under red tint


Chisel LTD Water DS

“The flowing layers of color on the Water frame are inspired by the shifting blues of Icelandic lakes. This flow also takes place in the digital world through the binary code of 1’s and 0’s. Binary 1’s and 0’s create the Specialized downtube logo and the S head tube badge. When translated to English, the binary reads “Nature Digital Nature Digital. . .” over and over again.”

Chisel LTD Water digital detail
The Specialized logo is made up of 1’s and 0’s with a hidden message

Each Chisel LTD frame comes with a 64 page collector’s book that showcases the art, words, and inspiration for the Disrupt the Decay series from the designers Kayla and Tom. I had the chance to chat with them about the project and they are stoked to be able to offer this level of graphics treatment on a more accessible platform like the Chisel, with a theme that all riders – regardless of gender or age can relate to. The inclusion of the collector’s book gives each frame a personal touch straight from the designers featuring words and illustrations from the graphics development.

The Chisel LTD framesets are offered in Specialized’s progressive XC geometry sizing from XS to XL at an MSRP of $1500. Specialized limited edition colorways have a history of selling out fast, so head to or your local Specialized stocking dealer to get one!

All photos courtesy of Specialized by Collin Chappelle

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