Maxxis Shorty Gen 2 MTB mid-spike mud tire gains traction, reduces size & weight

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When things get sloppy, mid-spike tires are a way to increase traction without going mud tire. Maxxis recommends their Shorty mid-spike for wet or extreme dust conditions – but most riders will probably reach for their Shorties when mud is in the forecast. Now, the Shorty you know and love has been improved for even better grip and reduced weight thanks to the new sizing…

Maxxis Shorty Gen 2 MTB mid-spike mud tire tread

Compared to the original, the Shorty Gen 2 tread pattern gets some notable improvements (thanks to feedback from Maxxis sponsored World Cup DH and EWS riders). The previous “Double Wide” center tread blocks have now been split into two separate knobs. At the shoulders, the cornering knobs are now said to be more supportive and have additional siping for better braking and cornering grip. You’ll also find pairs of little ridges between the knobs which are said to improve mud shedding.

Maxxis Shorty Gen 2 MTB mid-spike mud tire  side profile

Built using their 3C MaxxTerra rubber compound for the EXO casing tires, or 3C MaxxGrip rubber for the DoubleDown or DH casing tires, there’s a Shorty for Trail, Enduro, or DH use (27.5 or 29″ only). All models are Tubeless Ready, and all models are also 2.4″ wide with Wide Trail casings. The reduction in width was done to improve mud clearance in frames with limited clearance to begin with, but it also resulted in a decrease in weight. Smaller tires usually equal less weight, and in this case the DoubleDown and DH tires check in 5% lighter.

Maxxis Shorty Gen 2 MTB mid-spike mud tire size options

For the most extreme, race-only mud conditions, the Wetscream is still in the lineup. But most riders will likely benefit from the increased versatility of the Shorty. You can pick up a Shorty in the sizes above, from your favorite Maxxis retailer.

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