Spotted: 76Projects Vlogger’s Thingy prototype toptube-accessible GoPro holder

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Who isn’t a vlogger these days? OK, I might be exaggerating a bit, but there’s no denying it has become a very popular past time for bicycle riders recently. If you call yourself a vlogger, then you may be very interested in the latest Every Day Carry prototype from 76Projects. The Vlogger’s Thingy mounts a handheld GoPro to your bicycle’s top tube for easy access. Here are the details we have so far.

Photos courtesy of Jim Buchanan and 76Projects

76Projects Prototype Vlogger’s Thingy

pinned tv vloggers thingy jim buchanans 76projects prototype gopro holder top tube mounted

We first spotted the Vlogger’s Thingy on Jim Buchanan’s Instagram account, owner of the Pinned TV YouTube channel. 76Projects made this prototype specifically for Jim. Tired of rummaging around in his backpack for his handheld GoPro, he wanted something more accessible.

76 projects top tube mounted gopro holder pinned tv

Using the toptube mounted ASS (Anti Strap System) Slider made originally for their Strapless Top Tube Pack, a handheld GoPro mounts to the top tube of Jim’s gravel bike. Of course, its use is currently limited to bikes that have bosses on the top tube. But, Paul Robertson, owner of 76Projects, tells us they are working on a strap-on bracket version to accommodate more bikes.

76projects vloggers thingy prototye handheld gopro mount top tube

Pricing & Availability

The Vlogger’s Thingy is still in prototyping phase, and it is unclear whether or no it will make it to production. The brand are still feeling out what the demand is for this kind of thing. Their new in-house industrial 3D printer indicates more exciting things to come from 76Projects.

Pricing will be somewhere in the region of £40, though that is an early estimate.

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