Gear Break: Giro, Kane, Supersapiens, Adidas, Bryton, Festka & Primal Shorts


Gear Break: Friday bike market time: Giro new Supernatural cycling gloves with EIT Palm Technology, the Revive slip-on from Kane, Supersapiens partners with IRONMAN, Adidas Sport launches top of the line eyewear, Intermarché Wanty-Gobert Matériaux use Bryton GPS cycle computers, Festka and CHATTY new T-shirts and sweatshirts not just for cyclists and shorts from Primal.


Giro Releases new Supernatural™ Cycling Gloves Incorporating innovative EIT Palm Technology by Elastic Interface®
Giro expands long-time partnership with Elastic Interface®; the new Supernatural Gloves feature the EIT Palm Technology, the three-dimensional, elastic Palm developed by the Italian chamois leader.

giro gloves

Elastic Interface® and Giro have worked together for many years, Elastic Interface® being Giro’s premium partner for cycling pads. Now, that partnership includes the new Supernatural gloves, which incorporate an exclusive design of the EIT Palm Technology, co-devel oped specifically for Giro’s gloves.

EIT Palm Technology by Elastic Interface® delivers the first ever three-dimensional, seamless and elastic palm to be developed for cycling gloves, and takes the protection and comfort of your hands on the handlebars to a whole new level. Elastic Interface® developed the EIT Palm Technology with support from the University of Padua Department of Biomedical Sciences, and its construction is patented.

This innovation has enabled the EIT palm to become a revolutionary detail that transforms how we experience hand-to-bar comfort when riding a bike; the “chamois for your hand” adapts perfectly to the shape of the hand, improves blood flow, and dramatically reduces soreness in the ulnar nerve – so no more tingling fingers. Revealed to the world in September 2019, the Elastic Interface® Palm Technology is the result of years of R&D in the field of cycling pads, which made Elastic Interface® the global leader of comfort in the saddle. The EIT Palm brings Elastic Inter face® to two of the three contact points between cyclists and their bikes; the saddle, with the cycling pads for shorts and bibs, and the handlebars, with gloves featuring the EIT Palm Technology.

giro eit

Giro is the first US brand to feature the EIT Palm with its Supernatural Gloves, which have a proprietary design of the technology developed by Elastic Interface®. With a 3-D molded multi-density padding, this “chamois for your hands” exploits Elastic Interface®’s decades of chamois development that has made them the global leader in rider comfort. The partnership between Giro and Elastic Interface® began years ago, with Giro being the first brand to adopt Elastic Interface’s ECO Performance Fabrics and shared commitment to sustainability in cycling apparel. This expanded partnership further strengthens that relationship and commitment to improving the ride experience for all cyclists.

● Supernatural gloves are available in Giro’s 2021 Spring/Summer collection.
● Visit the website and discover the other brands that feature the innovative EIT Palm in their glove collection.

The Revive Slip-on from Kane is Active Recovery Footwear for Body and Planet
Kane’s BounceBack™ foam utilizes sugarcane to form a foundation for all day comfort and style


la passione winter 2021 cycling apparel

Kane Footwear, a new name in active recovery footwear, is excited to announce the launch of its flagship bio-based molded, EVA foam slip-on, the Revive™. Constructed from Kane’s sugarcane-derived BounceBack™ foam, the Revive utilizes thoughtful styling and an active recovery design to provide support for fatigued muscles and all-day comfort. Whether worn post workout or for lunchtime walks, the Revive is intended for people that demand footwear without sacrifices.

The Revive represents a collaborative design partnership between Kane CEO, John Gagliardi, brand building expert Bobby Riley of Soldier Unlimited, and Dr. Daniel Geller, a renowned Board Certified foot and ankle surgeon and advisor to Kane. “For John and I the Kane brand is the culmination of our 18 year long business relationship,” commented Bobby Riley. “I couldn’t be more proud of seeing the Revive come to life from the ground up.”


Dr. Geller’s work with the New York City Ballet, as well as top cycling and triathlon teams, helped Kane to develop an active recovery design that addresses superior construction, proper fit, cushioning, and air circulation—key properties in ensuring the Revive is not only comfortable but provides attributes necessary for the recovery of fatigued muscles. “Coupling superior cushioning and proper mechanics Kane’s Revive achieves the concept of a recovery shoe,” notes Dr. Geller.

A cornerstone property of the Revive’s active recovery design is Kane’s use of dual-density construction. Featuring a firmer upper fused to a sole with 31mm of cushioning, the Revive supports smaller muscle groups within the foot and softens the impact of each foot plant. Kane also paid special attention to creating proper fit, an attribute that, when improperly addressed, can lead to undue muscle strain. Forming the interior dimensions of the Revive, Kane has employed an anatomical last shape that mimics the natural proportions and contours of the foot. This design helps promote proper fit by capturing the arch, heel and instep of the foot while providing room in the toe box for the forefoot to rest. Exterior perforations and interior ventilation channels keep feet cool and dry by maximizing airflow, and the Revive’s molded lugs utilize a siping pattern to increase traction across terrain.


EVA foam found in most recovery footwear is traditionally built using carbon-intensive petroleum-based polymers. Kane’s BounceBack foam utilizes biopolymers derived from sustainably harvested Brazilian sugarcane byproduct. Sugarcane is not only a renewable resource but is considered carbon-negative as well—the plant synthesizes carbon dioxide into energy via sugar, which is then extracted to form the ethylene used in Kane’s eco-based EVA foam. In total, the Revive is composed of over 56% sugarcane, a ratio that Kane intends to increase in the years to come. “It was important to me that sustainability was woven into Kane from the outset of the brand,” commented Kane Footwear CEO, John Gagliardi. “An obvious place for us to start was to be critical of the materials we used in production. As we learned more about the natural properties of sugarcane it became the clear choice for the Revive.” To further signify its commitment to sustainability, Kane is a pending B-Corp and will become a member of 1% for The Planet upon the launch of the Revive.


● The Revive will be available during a presale launch on Kickstarter beginning February 16, 2021, with direct to consumer sales beginning in early Summer 2021. For additional product information please visit:

Supersapiens Partners with IRONMAN
World’s first glucose monitoring ecosystem for athletes to be Official Real-Time Energy Management System Sponsor in select European countries.


Supersapiens is proud to announce they will be partnering with IRONMAN® in 2021 as the official Real-Time Energy Management System Sponsor in Europe. These countries include Austria, France, Germany, Ireland, Italy, Luxembourg, Switzerland, and the United Kingdom. Supersapiens, the first direct-to-consumer energy management ecosystem, is powered by the Abbott Libre Sense Glucose Sport Biosensor, the first glucose sport biosensor designed specifically for athletic performance, to help endurance athletes manage their fueling strategies in training, racing, and recovery. US-based athletes are invited to join the waitlist to be the first to get product when available.

“At Supersapiens, we’re intimately familiar with the challenge of managing fuel levels while competing in IRONMAN and IRONMAN® 70.3® events,” Supersapiens CEO and founder Phil Southerland recognized from experience. “IRONMAN saw athletes on BMC-Vifit Pro Triathlon Team training and racing with the Supersapiens ecosystem and immediately identified how our product would be a powerful tool for all IRONMAN athletes and coaches. We’re thrilled with the opportunity to work with IRONMAN and to see what these athletes can achieve empowered through us,” Southerland passionately verbalized.


The Supersapiens ecosystem includes the Abbott Libre Sense Glucose Sport Biosensor, the Supersapiens app, and a wrist wearable device in the final stages of development that displays data from the biosensor in real time. The app continuously tracks glucose data and allows athletes to create Events — workouts or races, meals, and rest — so they can correlate specific glucose levels with their body’s physiological performance during racing, training, and recovery. And the Education Hub offers deep and insightful information to help athletes better understand glucose and the impact it has on performance, so anyone can learn how to optimize fueling for sustained performance.

“The old adage still applies – a race car with no fuel will lose to the horse that had a solid breakfast. Energy management is a critical piece of IRONMAN race day success. Supersapiens helps open the door to not just managing your energy on race day, but also learning about how your nutrition and training mix together to create success,” added Earl Walton, global director, training and coaching at IRONMAN.

The ecosystem empowers athletes to arrive at the race start line confident in their fueling strategy, and also gives them continuous real-time guidance on how to adjust fueling during the race to achieve their optimal performance.

“As athletes like IRONMAN triathletes aim to push their performance to higher and higher levels, they require more performance insight,” said Supersapiens co-founder Todd Furneaux. “We have seen how real-time insight into glucose levels that the Supersapiens ecosystem provides, helps athletes perform better, allowing them to break PRs, set course records, and achieve what they never thought was possible. We can’t wait to share that insight with more IRONMAN competitors.”


Supersapiens launched to the public in September 2020 and began shipping products in select European markets in December 2020. The Supersapiens ecosystem, powered by Abbott Libre Sense, is now available in select European markets at Athletes in non
eligible countries can join the waitlist to be the first to get product when available in their country.

● For more information on the IRONMAN brand and global event series, visit
● The Supersapiens ecosystem, including the Abbott Libre Sense Glucose Sport Biosensor, is not available for sale in the U.S. at this time.

Adidas Sport Eyewear Launches Top of the Line Eyewear For Active Lifestyles


Adidas brand is thrilled to announce the launch of its new top of the line performance eyewear collection, now available in its entirety. Adidas has a long history and deep-rooted connection with sport. Its broad and diverse sports portfolio, from major global sports such as track and field and golf, to endurance sports such as cycling, running, and climbing, has enabled the brand to transcend cultures and become one of the most recognized and iconic global brands.

The Adidas Sport eyewear collection focuses on best-in-performance athletic materials with the impact-resistant and ultra-lightweight TR90 injection molding for the frame, as well as the visual enhancement of your surrounding light, color and contrast with the Kolor Up™ technology applied to their scratch resistant lenses. These frames are contemporary and versatile in style, taking you from the streets of urban running and cycling, to the mountain bike trail, and to the golf course and back. takes you from streets and stadiums to trails and tracks. adidas Sport eyewear elevates every moment, protecting your sight and transforming your vision allowing you to see all details in all conditions.


SP0001 // $209


SP0015 // $109


The collection’s premier unisex competition style, the wrap frames of the SP0001 and SP0015 are made of impact-resistant and ultra-lightweight TR90 material and four-position adjustable nose pads, allowing comfort and protection over long periods of wear. The thin, wrap temples are outfitted with rubber tips for the perfect grip, a metal temple core allowing easier adjustments and greater comfort, and a special safety hinge lock system to reduce the chance of lens scratches. The flat-top silhouette is equipped with an innovative 12-intake aerodynamic ventilation system ensuring a clear lens in all weather conditions.

The 7-base toric lens offers maximum sun protection and a wide, uninterrupted field of vision. Each frame offers a one-click interchangeable lens system with two lens options for bright and low light levels.

SP0003 // $200


SP0012 // $109


SP0003 and SP0012 bring a feminine urban style to a sporty silhouette and lightweight frame. Both models are made with TR90 material for impact-resistance and lightweight comfort. Designed with an innovative ventilation system consisting of 12 small aerodynamic air intakes, lenses are guaranteed to stay clear in all conditions. Temples are designed to stay put thanks to a slight wrap and gripping rubber tips for a second-skin kind of feel. The SP0003 have adjustable nose pads for a customized fit

SP0004 // $139


SP0005 // $200


SP00020 // $99


Contemporary in shape but built for performance, the squared-off shields in frames SP0004, SP0005, and SP0021 are built with the stress-resistant, ultra-lightweight TR90 material. The frame’s temples are thoughtfully designed with rubber tips for the perfect grip, a metal temple core allowing easier adjustments and greater comfort, and a special safety hinge lock system to reduce the chance of lens scratches. Suitable for all face shapes, the style’s nose pads can be adjusted in four positions for the perfect fit. Finally, an innovative ventilation system consisting of seven small aerodynamic air intakes ensures a clear view in all weather conditions.

SP0006 // $99


SP0007 // $99


Part of the urban product segment, the approachable, rectangular style of SP0007 and SP0006 are designed to take you from trail to town. Made of ultra-lightweight, impact-resistant TR90 material, the frames are designed to stay put with wrap temples and rubber temple tips. The flat-top style comes with an innovative ventilation system consisting of 12 small aerodynamic air intakes, ensuring a clear view in all weather conditions.

Bryton stays on Board as Intermarché Wanty-Gobert Matériaux’s GPS Cycle Computer Supplier


Intermarché-Wanty-Gobert Matériaux is excited to announce that Bryton stays on board as its GPS Cycle Computer supplier. From the start of 2021, the 29 riders of the team are equipped with Bryton’s latest GPS Cycle Computer, the Rider 750. This advanced device is equipped with an interactive Graphical User Interface on a color touchscreen display and includes powerful features, such as Electronic Gear-Shifting Systems (ESS) support (including Shimano’s Di2 EPS), ANT+ FE-C Smart Trainer support, online navigation with preloaded maps, voice address search, rear-view radar support and much more.

Bryton strives to make the highest quality, affordable GPS devices while providing the best service possible to its customers. In order to continue developing the best cycling computers, Bryton partners with pro cycling teams around the world to receive professional feedback.

Samuel Wang (CEO Bryton): “We are honored to have the opportunity to work closely with another UCI World Team this year. Cooperating with the Intermarché Wanty-Gobert Matériaux team and receiving their invaluable input will help us continue refining our products for both professional and amateur cyclists. We also believe that the mission of the team and their journey to the world stage encompasses the values we put into developing our products here at Bryton, making this sponsorship an obvious match.”

Frederik Veuchelen (Head Coach Intermarché-Wanty-Gobert Matériaux): “Since last season we have the opportunity to use the Bryton GPS Cycle Computers. It is remarkable how fast Bryton incorporates our feedback in the development of new models. The Rider 750 is the ideal training partner for our riders, who train and race all over the world. Before the ride, a course can easily be uploaded on the device through the Bryton app. During, all data can be observed thanks to connected power or heart rate meters and after, they’re immediately synchronized to Trainingpeaks for analysis through the Bryton app. These features are essential in modern cycling and thanks to the user-friendliness, our riders can daily perform their training sessions to perfection.”

● More info on Bryton at:

Festka and CHATTY Present Collection of T-shirts and Sweatshirts Not Only for Cyclists


Czech producer of high-end, custom carbon road bikes and frames Festka has teamed up with the leading Czech fashion brand CHATTY. Together, they have prepared a limited collection of Festka x CHATTY merchandise in the form of T-shirts and sweatshirts: gear and apparel for everyone, not just for passionate cyclists.


CHATTY is a premium Czech fashion brand, founded in 2005 by designers Radka Sirková and Anna Tušková. Over the years, the brand has established itself on the Czech and international fashion scenes. Today, it is one of the leading Czech fashion brands and has had great success on catwalks and fashion shows in Berlin, Kiev, Warsaw, Amsterdam and Paris. The brand also collaborates with many celebrities. Characteristic features of the fashion studio’s work are premium materials, perfect craftsmanship and distinctive designs that combine modern female silhouettes with sports details and elements of men’s fashion.


“When we were thinking, at Festka, about whether to develop a new collection in-house or in cooperation with an interesting fashion brand, someone mentioned CHATTY. When we met with them, it soon became obvious they were the right fit for us and that we have a lot in common,” says Festka co-founder Michael Moureček about the cooperation.

“Simple mathematics is behind our cooperation with Festka: connecting people who understand each other professionally and personally. Just as Festka is, for us, a symbol of quality, design, a specific lifestyle and enthusiasm for the cause, we at CHATTY are also fans of good taste and high standards for quality and craftsmanship,” add Anna Tušková and Radka Sirková.


“We designed the sweatshirts and t-shirts so that, despite being very simple, they look relaxed but still sexy. That’s why the cuts are narrower, longer, and have a wider neckline,” describe the designers. “The hoodies and t-shirts are made of 100% premium, heavy-weight cotton, which is why we approached almost every material manufacturer in Europe. The final material eventually came from a Portuguese supplier. We deliberately looked only for European suppliers: for both materials and labels. It was also clear from the very beginning that the production would take place in the Czech Republic in order to keep quality as high as possible and to control every step of production: from sewing and printing on to final adjustments,” add Radka Sirková and Anna Tušková.


● The Festka x Chatty limited collection is available on the Festka website e-shop: e-shop — FESTKA.
● Festka website:

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