Hunt 60 Limitless Aero carbon road wheels go deeper, faster for pro racing & you

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Hunt’s Limitless Aero road wheel project goes deeper with a new 60mm deep, wide aerodynamic carbon rim upgrade to provide a faster race wheelset option for the World Tour pros of Team Qhubeka ASSOS and you. A further evolution of Hunt’s Aerodynamicist development, the new Hunt 60 Limitless Aero Disc carbon wheels give a faster option for flatter road, tri & crit racing with predictable handling even in variable wind conditions…

Hunt 60 Limitless Aero Disc aerodynamic carbon road wheels

Hunt 60 Limitless Aero Disc aerodynamic carbon road wheels, rim
c. Hunt, photo by Rupert Fowler

Hunt developed and refined the new design in both CFD and the same wind tunnel as DT Swiss & Swiss Side’s latest aerodynamic road race wheels, resulting in a new rim shape that wasn’t quite as simple as scaling up the 48 Limitless. It ended up as a “truncated airfoil shape with a rounded but slightly less U-shaped profile” to hit the balanced target of low aero drag across a range of wind yaw angles, and stability in variable winds.

Hunt 60 Limitless Aero Disc aerodynamic carbon road wheels, complete BMC
Team Qhubeka ASSOS BMC race bike

Led by Hunt’s aero & carbon engineering manager Luisa Grappone, the new wheels promise low drag figures and a smooth steering moment, i.e. predictable handling in changing winds. The faster rolling wheels are certainly targeted towards faster road, triathlon, and criterium racing, but also meant to be more manageable and affordable enough for amateur racers looking to add speed to their current race bike setup.

Hunt 60 Limitless Aero Disc aerodynamic carbon road wheels, GST wind tunnel data

Hunt says their wind tunnel results show the new 60 Limitless Aero Disc to be among the fastest available. And they make that full data available for you to peruse in detail in the white paper they publish in the new wheel development.

Hunt 60 Limitless Aero Disc aerodynamic carbon road wheels, aero power data

Hunt also continues their aim to bring the fastest carbon road bike wheels to more riders, at ever more attainable pricing. They still aren’t exactly cheap. But with pricing starting from £1169 / 1689€ the new wheels are a good bit more affordable than many other top aero brands.

Like the original 48 Limitless Aero Disc and the more recent 42 Limitless Gravel Disc, these new 60 Limitless Aero Disc wheels use Hunt’s special construction, co-molding a lower-density material (0.7g/cm3 density  vs. pre-preg carbon’s 1.6g/cm3 ) into the conventional carbon composite to allow for the much wider rim without so much extra weight.

Aerodynamic carbon – Tech details

Hunt 60 Limitless Aero Disc aerodynamic carbon road wheels,
Qhubeka ASSOS team camp testing

The new Hunt 60 Limitless Aero Disc wheels feature a 60mm deep aero carbon rim, with a 21mm hooked tubeless internal & max 34mm external width. Hunt says that gives the best aerodynamic performance when paired with 25-28mm road tires. The reason they stick with a hooked bead is to comply with ETRTO standards for high-pressure road tires, which means you can run them tubeless (as they come out of the box) or with standard clincher tires and tubes.

Hunt 60 Limitless Aero Disc aerodynamic carbon road wheels, hubs

The wheels are laced up to Hunt’s 48-tooth FastEngage 7.5° straight-pull Sprint alloy centerlock disc hubs with 20/24 Pillar PSR Wing elliptical aero spokes. The hubs spin on premium Japanese EZO bearing as standard, with a CeramicSpeed ceramic bearing upgrade available that is claimed to save up to 6-9W in reduced drag. Freehubs are available in Shimano HG, SRAM XDR, and Campagnolo (up to 12-speed).

Hunt 60 Limitless Aero Disc aerodynamic carbon road wheels, wheelset

Complete wheelset weight is claimed at 1669g, making these best suited for flatter road racing & criteriums, while the shallower 1582g 48s are likely better suited for more racing with more climbing.

Like their other premium carbon wheels, the 60 LADs (Limitless Aero Disc) also come with Hunt’s H_Care lifetime crash replacement warranty protection.

Hunt 60 Limitless Aero Disc – Pricing & availability

Hunt 60 Limitless Aero Disc aerodynamic carbon road wheels, wheelset

The new Hunt 60mm deep 60 Limitless Aero Disc are available for pre-order now with the first batch shipping out globally in nine weeks’ time, in the last week of April 2021. The new deep aero wheels sell for £1169 / $1519 / 1379€ with premium steel EZO bearings, or for £1429 / $1859 / 1689€ with upgraded CeramicSpeed ceramic bearings. That pricing looks to be a bit cheaper than the 48mm Limitless when they first debuted two years ago with claims to be the “world’s fastest road disc brake wheelset“, although much of that looks to be the result of changes in exchange rates that makes the 48mm wheels cheaper than these new 60s in some markets now.

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