Rapha Women’s all-day leggings & shorts take on-the-bike comfort to post-ride life, workouts

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Rapha has added a new All Day Leggings & Shorts to the women’s line-up in a distinct move away from cycling-only gear. The design and functionality is definitely inspired by traditional cycling wear, but has been tweaked to work just as well for a run, a yoga session, or even simply lounging around at home when we can meet up with our friends in town…

Rapha Women’s All Day Leggings and Shorts

Rapha Women's All Day Leggings and Shorts, NYC
c. Rapha, photo by Cait Opperman

A brand-new offering for Rapha, the All Day Leggings and Shorts are essentially cycling tights & bike shorts minus the chamois, and adapted to fit comfortably off the bike.

Rapha Women's All Day Leggings and Shorts, BCN lounging

Rapha says the new non-padded leggings & shorts are meant to be worn both on the bike for casual riding, but should be as comfortable out for a jog, a run down to your local shops, chilling out in the park, lounging around at home, or stretching out post-ride with a bit of yoga. Both shorts & tights (OK, leggings) feature high-waisted cuts & silicone dot grippers so they stay comfortably in place no matter what activity you choose. Their soft, stretchy fabric is quick-drying, build to stand up to wear against a bike saddle, and includes recycled nylon fibers.

Rapha Women's All Day Leggings and Shorts, phone pocketRapha Women’s All Day Leggings and Shorts,

Leggings & Shorts include a deep right side pocket that will securely hold your smartphone or keep your small essentials in place while you get active around town.

Rapha Women's All Day Leggings and Shorts, tights

Leggings also add classic Rapha flip-up hi-vis pink & reflective cuffs to boost your visibility before dawn or after dusk.

Rapha Women's All Day Leggings and Shorts, shorts

The women’s-only leggings sell for £80/ $110 / 95€ in all black, two-tone navy blue, or two-tone purple/violet, or £60 / $ 80/ 70€ for the All Day Shorts in the same color combos.

Rapha Riding in the City: City Ride Diaries

Rapha Womens All Day Leggings and Shorts, Riding in the City

Developed to smooth the transition on and off-the-bike into everyday life and post-ride activity & workout, the All-Day line-up compliments Rapha’s full City Riding collections for both men & women – covering everything to commuter jackets to backpacks that can do double-duty riding or just walking around town.

Rapha Womens All Day Leggings and Shorts, Riding in the City, City Ride Diaries

To bring it all back together and highlight all the uses of the new All-Day gear, Rapha put together the City Ride Diaries of: Three cities. Three Riders. One day of urban exploration. Have a look as Sami, Okjoo & Nicole cruise around their cities, continuing to break down the boundary between our bike life and regular life, with a few new 2021 colors schemes thrown in for good measure.


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