Found: PatroCleats Adapters let you try Mid-Foot cleat position without new shoes

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There are a few different schools of thought when it comes to cleat placement. But recently, the idea of midfoot or midsole cleat placement has become increasingly popular – particularly in the world of triathlon. More than just running your cleat back as far as they go in standard shoes, true midfoot positioning requires a dedicated set up. But before you invest in a new pair of shoes, the PatroCleat Mid-Foot adapters will allow you to try it out on your existing footwear.

PatroCleats Adapters 24mm setback

According to the description, the PatroCleat adapters will move standard three-bolt cleats backwards as much as 24mm. According to the company, the rearward position can help to reduce hot spots, and alleviate foot pain, eliminate problems with heel drop on long rides, protects your Achilles tendons, helps keep your calves relaxed, and reduces drag thanks to a 10mm saddle height reduction.

PatroCleats Adapters mid-foot 3mm high

The adapters are made from “aerospace grade aluminum” and anodized black. They will add 3mm to the cleat stack height, and 26g to the weight of your shoes.

PatroCleats Adapters mid-foot ERGO vs COMP

Offered in two versions, ERGO and COMP, both allow for a maximum 24mm setback of the cleat. However, the COMP version only has one set of threaded inserts, and therefore only allows for a 12-24mm adjustment range. The ERGO version allows for a 0-12mm range for the first set of mounting holes, and 12-24mm adjustment for the second. The lack of the second set of threads does remove 3g from the weight of the COMPs.

PatroCleats Adapters packaging

Based out of Switzerland, Mid-Foot cleat adapters are sold in a set with all the necessary hardware for €32,50. Worldwide shipping is available, with delivery times based on travel from Switzerland.

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