New 44 hubs make every disc brake Spinergy road, tri & gravel wheelset better!

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Spinergy’s new in-house 44 series hubs give their full road disc wheelset a significant upgrade in performance, durability, and ease-of-use. Across all of their disc brake road, triathlon, and gravel wheels, the new 44 hubset brings faster-engagement and compatibility with all of the latest and greatest drivetrain options, with rim brake versions on the way too!

New Spinergy 44 hubs upgrade 2021 road disc wheel line-up

Spinergy has long machined their own alloy hubs in-house, in their factory just across the border from their San Marcos, CA headquarters in Tijuana, Mexico. So in order to upgrade their 2021 line of unique PBO composite-spoked wheels, it was time to refine the hub design.

The new CNC-machined alloy Spinergy 44 hubs look much the same as the older version, but pack in all-new internals…

Tech details

New Spinergy 44 hubs upgrade 2021 road disc wheel line, tech details

Inside, a new larger 44mm diameter ratchet ring gives the new hub series its name, now upgraded to 108 points of engagement (vs. old 72 POE) for faster power delivery. The hubs also now spin on larger axles with sealed cartridge bearings for increased strength & durability, plus improved lateral stiffness.

New Spinergy 44 hubs upgrade 2021 road disc wheel line-up, freehubs

The new hubs still use US-made alloy cassette bodies produced by Hadley Racing Products, but now add options for: 12sp Shimano MicroSpline, 13sp Campagnolo N3W, in addition to Shimano HG, and SRAM XD & XDR standards. New tool-free end caps also make it easier to swap between 15mm, 12mm & QR front and 12mm & QR rear axles.

For now, the disc brake only 44 hubs use centerlock rotor mounts, and while new mountain wheels aren’t yet available, Spinergy says they are making standard & Boost-spaced versions of the new hubs. Rim brake 44s will bring some of the same performance upgrades to rest of Spinergy’s road wheels.

2021 Spinergy wheels with the new 44 hubs – Availability

As of now, two new 2021 road & triathlon wheelsets – the FCC 32 & FCC47 – and four 2021 gravel wheelsets – GXX, GX, GX Max 650b & GX Max 700c – already get the new disc brake version of the 44 hubs. So far the hubs are only available in black, but Spinergy has been known to produce anodized special editions in the past, as well.

Mountain bike wheels with 44 hubs and rim brake road versions are coming soon.

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