Fix Mfg MTB Field Kit packs a triage bag of all the tools you need for trailside setup

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Fix Mfg’s new MTB Field Kit packs in everything you need trailside for that last-minute prep before a mountain bike ride. The Fix Field Kit already includes pretty much all of the tools you’ll need to get your bike set up & running smoothly at the trailhead, plus specially designed pockets to pack in your own bike-specific replacement parts and your favorite shock pump to dial-in the perfect suspension setup.

Fix Mfg MTB Field Kit mobile mountain bike setup tools

We mostly know Fix Mfg for their wearable, everyday carry multi-tools that hide in your belt buckle or strap-on to just about any pack. But beyond always having a useful compact tool on you when some emergency wrenching is required, Fix are now outfitting riders for bigger mountain bike trailhead duties.

Their MTB Field Kit essentially scales up every-day-carry to what you should pack in your race-day travel bag or just keep in the car whenever you drive somewhere to go mountain biking – everything in one nicely organized zip-up pouch.

Fix Mfg MTB Field Kit, trailside mobile mountain bike setup tools, setup log
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The kit includes the most commonly used tools, a tire pump & levers, lube & degreaser, cleaning brushes & a shop rag, plus a journal & tape measure to log bike setup & maintenance along the way. On top of that, there are organized compartments for the specialized tools you already have and the replacement parts specific to your bike.

What’s in the bag? Everything included in the kit

Fix Mfg MTB Field Kit, trailside mobile mountain bike setup tools, included tool contents

  • MTB Field Guide setup log book & a pen to write in it
  • flexible tape measurer for seat height & sag setup
  • basic 8-in-1 folding multi-tool (2/2.5/3/4/5/6mm, T25 & PH2)
  • full size 8mm hex for pedals
  • small chain breaker
  • 6-in-1 spoke wrench
  • 2-in-1 flat & Phillips screwdriver
  • mini pump with built-in pressure gauge
  • pair of tire levers
  • small refillable bottle of chain lube
  • small refillable bottle of degreaser
  • cassette/chain brush
  • frame cleaning detail brush
  • a shop rag

What else is there space for in the bag?

Fix Mfg MTB Field Kit, trailside mobile mountain bike setup tools, expansion organization

  • shock pump (either came with your bike, or you have a preferred one anyway
  • spare inner tube
  • replacement chain quick links
  • spare set of brake pads
  • replacement cleats
  • replacement derailleur hanger
  • tubeless tire sealant
  • tubeless tire puncture repair plugs

Fix Mfg MTB Field Kit – Pricing & availability

Fix Mfg MTB Field Kit, trailside mobile mountain bike setup tools, toolkit

Everything you need in one place for pre-ride setup and post-ride clean-up, the Fix Mfg MTB Field Kit sells for $85 direct from Fix Manufacturing. The kit as they sell it is about 9.5×6.5″ (24×16.5cm) and weighs around 2.5lb / 1.2kg before you start adding your own bit, so it’s not likely to join you on regular rides. But if you carry it along to the trailhead or pack it in your flight bag, you’ll be sure to have everything you need to ensure your next ride will go smoothly.

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