Abbey Bike Tools adds Socket Crombie for Campagnolo cassette lockrings

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The Abbey Crombie tool is one of the best cassette tools made. It’s what I personally reach for almost every time I’m installing or removing a cassette. But what about those times when that lockring is really tight. Like, gorilla-hanging-off-the-end-of-a-cheater-bar tight? For those instances, you might need a little more leverage. Fortunately, there’s the Socket Crombie tool.

Abbey Bike Tools Socket Crombie

Essentially the end of a Crombie tool turned into a 3/8″ drive socket, the Socket Crombie has been available for S Group cassettes (SRAM, Shimano, etc.) for some time. Now, there’s a new version for Campagnolo cassettes as well.

Abbey Bike Tools Socket Crombie opening

Like the original Crombie tool, the Socket Crombie has a wide opening that allows it to slip over the quick release skewer without removing it from the hub. Of course, it works on thru axle wheels as well.

Abbey Bike Tools Socket Crombie on torque wrench
All images c. Abbey Bike Tools

In addition to allowing you to use a large breaker bar to remove stubborn lockrings, the socket also allows it to be used on torque wrenches. This is handy for the S Group model as companies like SRAM start to use the lockring spline for suspension top caps.

Available for S Group or Campagnolo lockrings, the Socket Crombie retails for $50.

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