DynaPlugger is a light weight tubeless puncture repair tool that’s also affordable

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If you know what a tubeless tire plug is, there’s a good chance you’re also familiar with Dynaplug. The company has been turning out some of the best tubeless tire repair tools available, and making them in their home of Chico, CA. That U.S. made quality hasn’t made their tools the most wallet friendly, but the new DynaPlugger looks to solve that.

dynaplug Dynaplugger affordable tire plugging tool for repairing tubeless tire flats

Opting to make the DynaPlugger from glass-filled nylon instead of the typical CNC machined aluminum, Dynaplug was able to drop the price to $29.99. As an added bonus, the nylon construction also makes it fairly light – just 35g for the fully loaded kit.

Sold with four of their standard brass-tipped tire plugs (one preloaded into the main insertion tube), simply find the hole, stab the tool into it, and remove. The tire plug stays in place and can last the life of the tire. The DynaPlugger also includes a Mega insertion tube which is stored in the Silicone end cap. The aluminum-tipped Megaplugs are meant for larger punctures, and have a round tip instead of the pointed brass tip on the standard plug.

dynaplug Dynaplugger affordable tire plugging tool for repairing tubeless tire flats

You can purchase Megaplugs separately or Dynaplug offers a kit with the DynaPlugger and three extra MegaPlugs for $34.99. You can also purchase the DynaPlugger with five extra standard plugs for $34.99, or with five extra standard plugs and three Megaplugs for $41.99. Take it from us – buy the extra plugs now, so you won’t find yourself needing them later.

Sold with packaging designed by NOTCHAS, the DynaPlugger carries a limited lifetime warranty, and is available now.

Product Specs:

  • Constructed from Glass Filled Nylon with Aluminum Insert

  • Silicone end Cap with additional insertion tube storage

  • Made In Chico, CA

  • Weight: 35 Grams

  • Packaging designed by SF cyclist Chas Christiansen

  • Dimensions: 4.875 x .875

  • MSRP: 29.99

What’s Included:

  • 1 – Dynaplug® DynaPlugger™ Tool

  • 3 – Standard Plugs

  • 1 – Standard Insertion Tube

  • 1 – Mega Insertion Tube

  • 1 – Pipe Cleaner


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