Gear Break: Tubolito, La Passione, Continental, Sidi, Zipp & Shimano


Gear Break: More great and new kit: Tubolito light weight tubes, La Passione DUO Collection: Plenty of cool combinations for a bright look, Continental rolls out new category of tire with the Ruban and eRuban Plus, Sidi Sixty Multicolor, the new LDT inspired by the nineties, Zipp hookless technology video and happy 100th birthday Shimano.

Tubolito Light Weight Tubes


Tubolito are bicycle tubes carefully engineered to exceed all expectations, breaking barriers of toughness, weight and size.

Christian Lembacher (material science engineer) and Akos Kertesz (mechanical engineer) are the founders of Tubolito. In their previous jobs, the enthusiastic mountain bikers were developing loudspeakers for mobile phones. Working on a new high-tech membrane material for loudspeakers, which needs to be very light and robust, the idea came up to revolutionize the 100-year old bike tubes made of rubber.


Using a new high-tech thermoplastic elastomer and combined with a unique manufacturing technology, Tubolito is capable of delivering very light, robust and reliable bike tubes to their customers. Tubolito tubes are 2/3 lighter than a standard tube and 2X stronger than a standard tube.

Tubolito make a range of tubes for different bikes: Road, MTB, CX/Gravel, BMX, Cargo, City/Touring, and Folding, as well as a patch kit.

Chuck Peña PEZ sez:


The Tubolitos are clearly not your average inner tube. They are most definitely more compact (excluding the valve stem) and lighter than your standard, run-of-the-mill butyl inner tube.


L-toR: Butyl, Tubo Road, S Tubo Road

And they’re orange (including the valve stem) is the new black. Oh … and they cost $30-something! Depending on exactly what tubes (butyl) you buy and where you buy them, that’s probably 4-5 times more. So at least initially seems extravagant, but that depends on different factors. If you’re a weight weenie chasing grams at all costs, a Tubolito Tubo Road is about half as light as a latex inner tube that costs probably twice as much as a butyl inner tube (the S-Tubo is almost half again as light, but for disc brake only). Tubolito claims 2X more puncture resistance than butyl, which is generally better than latex (I have no way to test/confirm this, but below is a video for your entertainment).

Latex inner tubes are notorious for losing air more quickly over time and Tubolito claims their tubes hold air comparable to butyl tubes (so far, that’s my experience). Tubolito claims less rolling resistance for its tubes compared to butyl, but not quite as good as latex except for the S-Tubo tubes that are for disc brake only. Again, I can’t test/confirm this. What I can say is that installed in the same set of 700×25 clincher tires, running the same tire pressures, mounted on the same wheels, and riding them on the same bike (my #steelisreal Hollands), the Tubolitos felt a little smoother and softer. Not the same as, but more like what road tubeless feels like to me. This is subjective and my seat-of-the-bib shorts chamois-meter, so YMMV.

If you’re trying to optimize between weight, puncture resistance, air retention, and rolling resistance — and willing to spend the $$$ — Tubolito tubes might be in that ever elusive “sweet spot.” One obvious application is race day wheels/tires.

Tubolito’s orange stem may not be to everyone’s liking, but it’s a colorful touch that goes pretty well with my orange Hollands

La Passione DUO Collection: Plenty of Cool Combinations for a Bright Look
The Duo, from La Passione, is ideal to greet the warm season. Now also available for her.


The Duo Collection is well-known for its vivid mix and match of fresh colors, which gives an amazing style boost to your cycling outfit. Duo is actually also an all-round piece, a perfect riding companion over that long period of time in which things start to get fun with mild temperatures and longer days to boot.

Created with four different ultra-lightweight and stretchy fabrics, the jersey has a great fit and even greater breathability, also thanks to its weight – just 124 grams – and the back section with perforated inserts. The design is made up of a highly elastic front while the raw-cut collar and the sleeves ensure maximum comfort once you start pedaling. These ultra-light features allow for an ultraquick drying time, letting you avoid the wet feeling during the most strenuous times and offers practical comfort in case it needs to be washed and dried in a blink of an eye.

The stretch fit is studied to offer a pleasant feeling when in contact with the skin while covering the chest without constriction offering the feeling of freedom when met with a wide range of situations.


This high-performance jersey has entered 2021 with new trendy color combos like Natural Sand and Graphite/Burgundy always with the aim of enhancing your personality and being daring, while wearing a high-performance item technologically in line with the needs of today’s demanding consumers.
This collection is now available in a version for women that strictly maintains the same exact features, perfect fit and great breathability just like the men’s collection and current best seller.
Duo is ready to offer a truly brilliant look made up of new classy tone combinations to make your rides unforgettable.


Things you want to know about:
● Premium stretchy and ultra-lightweight perforated fabric.
● High stretch, close-fitting Pro cut
● Low cut collar
● Full length zip with Cam Lock puller
● Hold the Line logo on the puller
● Zip garage
● Three back pockets
● Bonded hem with inner silicone band
● Reflective logos

la passione

Continental Rolls Out New Category of Tire with the Ruban and eRuban Plus


Continental has today unveiled two additions to its award-winning range of bicycle tires in a new product category for the brand: the ‘SUV-Allrounder.’ Harnessing 150 years of Continental research, development and cutting-edge technology, the new Ruban and eRuban Plus have been designed for outstanding performance both on and off-road for the rider who’s ready for anything.

The range comprises the Ruban, available in either a clincher or tubeless ready version, alongside an e-bike specific eRuban Plus clincher tire that’s certified for S-Pedelecs. With a chunky width, knobbly tread pattern to stay on track whilst cornering and the option to go tubeless ready, the Ruban is unashamedly MTB in its look and feel. But unlike MTB tires that drop off speed when faced with tarmac, a fast rolling, energy-saving centre area enables the Ruban and eRuban Plus to comfortably switch terrain without compromising on capability.


The Ruban and eRuban Plus feature the technology the Continental brand is globally respected for: PureGrip Compound, developed at Continental’s R&D facility to create outstanding grip, elasticity and durability for performance products; ShieldWall system, a finely woven cross fabric which provides a puncture protection layer as well as low rolling resistance; PolyX BreakerTM, a technology borrowed from car tires to create a high density fabric resistant to punctures; and Plus Breaker, a highly elastic special rubber that gives practically impenetrable puncture protection.

Safety considerations, including puncture protection, are at the heart of every product development at Continental. Both the Ruban and eRuban Plus have the option of a reflective sidewall in the clincher versions of the tires to give added visibility to riders on busy urban streets.

To promote the new tires Continental has created a campaign video world-class rider Matt Jones (Continental MTB Ambassador). The video depicts Matt Jones as a not-so-typical commuter, showing that just one tire can give the rider the freedom to choose either rural or urban riding.

Watch the Ruban and eRuban Plus launch video now:

Oliver Anhuth, Continental’s Global Head of Marketing Bicycle Tires, said: “It’s exciting for us as a brand to develop into this relatively untapped category to create tires that give confidence to cyclists to choose the route they want and not be let down by their components. We can’t wait to see where the Ruban and eRuban Plus take our riders.”


Ruban key features:
● Clincher or tubeless ready
● Weight: starting from 670g
● Dimensions: between 27.5 x 2.1 to 29 x 2.6
● 3/180 TPI
● PSI: between 20-44 to 44-58
● ETRTO: between 54-584 to 65-622
● Pure Grip Compound
● Shield Wall System (tubeless ready version only)
● Reflective sidewall option available (clincher version only)
● Suitable for E-Bikes up to 25 km/h

eRuban Plus key features:
● Clincher
● Weight: starting from 790g
● Dimensions: between 26 x 2.3 to 29 x 2.6
● 3/180 TPI
● PSI: between 29-44 to 44-58
● ETRTO: between 54-584 to 65-622
● Reflective sidewall option available
● Pure Grip Compound
● PolyX BreakerTM
● Plus Breaker
● Suitable for E-Bikes and S-Pedelecs up to 45km/h
● More information at:

The Ruban range is available to buy now from international Continental distributors. The Ruban starts from 25.90 EUR and the eRuban Plus starts from 31.90 EUR.

Sixty Multicolor, the new LDT inspired by the Nineties
The new Sidi limited edition coloring showcase a flawless look pop.


Sidi is launching a new LDT version for its Sixty collection, inspired by the craziest and chameleonic looks of the 90’s. This decade stands out for its shocking colors and quite absurd miscellaneous styles that have made history even in cycling. This trend has led Sidi to boost its iconic shoes with an explosion of color, painting the upper with red, yellow and blue tones.


These new pop shades form a truly offbeat mix when paired with the Sixty’s classy look, which is why this limited edition is so unique.

Sidi Sixty in a nutshell.
The Sidi Sixty cycling shoes were developed to celebrate sixty years of tireless and passionate work, sixty years of successes and champions.


Made with cutting-edge materials that are also eco-friendly, Sidi Sixty are lightweight, high-performance, durable, and naturally comfortable. The technology behind these shoes includes an incredible mix of iconic details and innovative solutions, like the Tecno-4 single-rotor closure system, which reduces weight while offering incredibly precise adjustment.

The ultra-light Vent Carbon sole is made from carbon fibres, which ensure the right balance of stiffness and controlled flexibility in the toe. Special integrated air ducts provide ventilation and heat dissipation.


Discover more!

Zipp Hookless Technology


Zipp’s tubeless hookless wheel technology is vital to the evolution of Making You Faster. If you’re new to this concept, this video is for you. We explain everything. How does the tire stay on the rim? What is the max tire pressure? How does hookless reduce energy loss from road or trail vibration? We also explain how hookless rim technology creates a seamless transition between the tire and the rim for improved aerodynamics. Hookless technology and Making You Faster.

SHIMANO Celebrates 100 Years of Manufacturing Expertise
To honor its 100th Anniversary, Shimano launches a new Centennial Website


From humble beginnings to industry-leading technology and development, Shimano celebrates its 100th anniversary this year with a look back at previous achievements and its lasting legacy on the greater cycling community. Founded in 1921 by Shozaburo Shimano, the Sakai City-based company has now grown to employ over 11,000 people at 50 consolidated manufacturing, research, sales, and marketing companies across the world. Shimano remains a predominantly family-owned company and is under the leadership of Shimano president Yozo Shimano.


From 1921 to 2021, Shimano has developed countless products that have driven innovation and design throughout the cycling industry. Starting with the 3.3.3. freewheel, Shimano moved on to deliver groundbreaking products and technologies such as:

▪ 3-speed hubs
▪ Indexed shifting
▪ Dual Control levers
▪ Hyperglide cassettes
▪ Di2 shifting
▪ SPD pedals


These technologies became ubiquitous in the cycling industry, just as Shimano itself became synonymous with best-in-class products.

SHIMANO Centennial Website and Photobook
To celebrate its centennial anniversary, Shimano is proud to highlight product and technology achievements from the past 100 years with a new centennial website and limited-edition SHIMANO 100 WORKS photobook.


Only 2,000 photobooks will be available, and the contents of the commemorative book will provide the historical background to some of Shimano’s most ground-breaking products.

The new Shimano Centennial Website features photos and videos, allowing fans and customers to dive deeper into Shimano technologies and backstories of many favorite Shimano products. Featuring 100 iconic products accompanied with beautiful photography, readers can also learn more about Shozaburo Shimano’s history and the activities Shimano engages in to support the cycling community.

Throughout such a momentous year for Shimano, friends and customers of Shimano are invited to take part in a global photo contest to share your most exciting and joyful experiences riding bikes. Running from March through September, the contest will be split into multiple rounds and will include different themes during each session. Prizes will be awarded throughout the contest including the limited-edition SHIMANO 100 WORKS photobook.

More info about the photo contest can be found here:


Shimano looks forward to engaging with you and celebrating the positivity of cycling at shows and events once again in the near future.

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