Next-Gen Sports release Super Sealant for high-pressure road tubeless setups

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Next-Gen Sports have added a new tire sealant for low volume, high pressure tires, dubbed Super Sealant. It uses a synthetic latex liquid base and is ammonia free, hence the claim that this is non-toxic and “kills leaks, not fish”, something they actually tested on unsuspecting Dwarf Gourami fish… here’s more.

Next-Gen Sports Super Sealant

next gen sports super sealant ammonia free high pressure road tire tubeless

Yep. Under strict laboratory conditions, in an experiment performed by qualified aquatic specialists, Dwarf Gourami fish were immersed in a 3% dilution (by volume) of Next-Gen Super Sealant for one hour. The fish were returned to their regular aquarium, reportedly swimming and feeding normally, showing zero adverse effects several months after the experiment.

Beyond the environmentally-friendly claims, what is this particular flavor of tubeless sealant capable of? Next Gen Sports say their new sealant is able to seal holes up to 5mm across. It is designed specifically for use with low volume, high-pressure tires, so should do well on your road, triathlon and some gravel setups. 

next gen sports super sealant tubeless valave applicator head presta

The Super Sealant has a lower viscosity than their other tubeless sealants, making it more suited to higher pressure tires due to its ability to flow more rapidly throughout the tire, reaching any punctures more rapidly. Next-Gen say the Super Sealant has a wide workable temperature range of -5°F to 176°F. 

Pricing & Availability

next gen sports super sealant tested dwarf gourami fish
A Dwarf Gourami fish, subjected to Next-Gen Sports Super Sealant to test its eco-friendliness

Next-Gen Sports Super Sealant comes in an 80ml bottle with a Presta valve applicator head for easy dispensing. Pick up an individual bottle for $9.99, or a twin pack for $17.99. You can also get it in a 500ml bulk refill pack for $29.99.

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