12g Terske Frame Boss Pump Mounts offer ultra-light way to carry cylindrical objects

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Have some unused frame bosses on your bike? Want to carry a pump or other cylindrical objects (less than 400g) without adding a bulky, heavy carrier? If that’s the case, you’ll probably want to check out the new Frame Boss Pump Mounts from Terske.

Terske Frame Boss Pump Mounts

A product from the clever minds at Lindarets, the Frame Boss Pump Mounts are pretty simple. Laser sintered nylon bases provide an ultra light, yet strong attachment point to your frame’s bosses. Terske Frame Boss Pump Mounts with straps

Then, 175mm silicone-backed cinch straps are inserted to hold the pump (or tent poles, fishing pole, etc.) in place. The straps are meant for pumps with a diameter of 25-35mm, and can be trimmed if needed. The system is rated for 400g per pair of mounts, which should be plenty for most pumps. Even a large OneUp EDC pump loaded with a CO2 cartridge is around 300g according to Lindarets.

Terske Frame Boss Pump Mounts on top tube Terske Frame Boss Pump Mounts under top tube Depending on your frame, you may or may not have unused bosses. But more bikes are coming with bosses on top, or under the top tube which can be used for carrying shorter pumps with the Terske holders.

Priced at $14.95, the Ultralight Frame Boss Pump Holders are sold in pairs.


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