Review: Leatt Velocity 4.0 MTB goggles offer bulletproof protection, great ventilation

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Leatt quietly added a new set of mountain bike-specific Velocity 4.0 MTB goggles alongside their latest convertible, removable chin bar 4.0 Enduro helmet this winter. With a big improvement in ventilation, a lighter vented lens, and open-mesh strap, these pared-back Velocity 4 goggles offer enough airflow for when you actually have to pedal your mountain bike us, as well…

Leatt Velocity 4.0 MTB lighter, vented mountain bike goggles

Leatt Velocity 4.0 MTB lighter, vented mountain bike goggles

The “bulletproof” Leatt Velocity 6.5 goggles that were introduced two years back apparently fall under Leatt’s moto protection family. And while that generally means that they are still well-suited for gravity mountain bike riding, the heavier and less ventilated 6.5s aren’t really up to any rides that include pedaling uphill.

But these new vented frame, vented lens, vented strap Velocity 4.0 MTB goggles are a completely different story – seemingly much more suited for all-around trail and enduro riding where you want to combine protection with ventilation.

Leatt Velocity 4.0 MTB lighter, vented mountain bike goggles, snowy
not only for MTB helmets and summer riding

And as I’ve been wearing them for the past month, they work well in a wide range of weather conditions, and not just with Leatt’s mountain bike helmets.

Tech details

Leatt Velocity 4.0 MTB goggles, 152g actual weight

The hallmark of the Velocity 4.0 MTB goggles are improved ventilation, but the open construction also means lower weight. At just 152g on our scale, that’s a good 50g lighter than the moto/gravity-oriented 6.5. And they are also a lot cheaper, selling for $45 / 45€ vs. the 6.5s that start at $80.

The Velocity 4 goggles come in four color options – Graphene gray, Cactus green, Sand tan & blue, and this Chili red & blue – but only with a one 83% light transmission clear lens option.

Leatt Velocity 4.0 MTB lighter, vented mountain bike goggles, vented top

But beyond lower weight & price, it’s the improved ventilation that stands out to me. You can see in the photo on the scale that the clear MTB lens gets two vents cut into it just near the upper frame. Those let air move in pretty well, then out through the large opening & perforated mesh across the top of the goggles. The bottom & sides of the flexible frame get more closed-off mesh, but still decent air flow.

In the end though, there is still a thick layer of foam that presses up against your face and the big lens blocks most of wind hitting you, so these aren’t magically a cool-running pair of goggles.

Leatt Velocity 4.0 MTB lighter, vented mountain bike goggles, mesh strap

The 40mm wide MaxiVent goggle strap itself is designed to allow air flow through the vents of your helmet. It does a decent job of letting some air though its weave.

But at best the mesh is 12% open, more realistically it’s about half that when you look at the weave and the openings covered by the silicone gripper on the backside.

It breathes better than a regular strap, but air flow is not unrestricted. So, careful strap placement avoiding helmet vents is still your best bet for max ventilation.

Leatt Velocity 4.0 MTB lighter, vented mountain bike goggles, OTG glasses-friendly

The thick dual-layer foam is faced with a soft & fuzzy gray inner layer that does a great job of managing sweat – that is keeping my sweaty brow from getting any moisture or fogging inside even on most climbs.

The simple OTG, over-the-glasses fit is especially nice for me as I prefer my prescription glasses over riding with contacts. Thin cuts in either side of the foam allow the arms of my Rx glasses to pass, and there’s plenty of room inside so that my frames don’t touch the Leatt lens and my glasses sit on my nose just about the goggles’ foam.

Leatt Velocity 4.0 MTB goggles – Riding Impressions

Leatt Velocity 4.0 MTB lighter, vented mountain bike goggles, riding

Military Ballistic Impact Standard tested bulletproof lenses sound like a bit of overkill at first glance, but it is nice to be reassured that flying rocks and errant tree branches aren’t going to pose any threat to your eyes while riding.

For the time being, the Leatt Velocity 4.0 MTB goggles only offer one single-layer, clear vented polycarbonate MTB lens option. But, all of their Velocity lenses are thankfully easily interchangeable. I’ve ridden a bit with the dual-layer but still vented Enduro lens, and the unvented light gray lens with tear off posts in colder weather (below.)

Leatt Velocity 4.0 MTB lighter, vented mountain bike goggles, snowy

The single-layer vented lens worked best for riding in warmer weather with more climbing, but the “permanent anti-fog” coating on every lens I’ve tried has been great for far. Crisp visibility through the claimed 170° WideVision lens offers ample field-of-view on the trail. But I did notice that I really have to turn my head far to see how close a rider behind me is.

After riding for the past several weeks through everything from +25°C to -5°C (23-77°F), I’ve been pleasantly surprised how well the Velocity 4 goggles cope with a wide range of weather conditions. I really couldn’t get them to steam up inside in any real riding conditions yet. Probably better at coping with spring weather than I am myself!

Leatt Velocity 4.0 MTB lighter, vented mountain bike goggles, riding

The only time I’ve really experienced even fogging of my glasses inside the goggles was on the hottest day where I pedaled up & bombed down steep hills repeatedly. And even then, pulling the goggles up under my helmet visor for the longer climbs brought in enough fresh air to be fine once it was time to descend again.

The only real downside I see with the goggles is the currently limited offering of the single-layer, fully-vented lenses from Leatt. I would love one of the premium mirrored Iriz lenses or even just a dark gray tint with full venting for sunny summer riding. Here’s hoping that Leatt has more trail-oriented lightweight vented lens option sin the works…

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