Mazama INTake hydration bladders have a stay-open easy refill quick drying design

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Mazama Designs are tackling the fiddly refill problem presented by the vast majority of hydration bladders with the new Mazama INTake hydration reservoir. These look to be neat taste-free aftermarket alternatives to the hydration bladders that come stock in your EVOC, Innovate, Osprey and Salomon packs (other sports packs are available). Here’s a quick overview.

Mazama INTake hydration reservoir

mazama designs intake hydration bladders 2l 3l insulated

Any hydration bladder I’ve ever owned has been a bit of a pain to refill. This is principally because the closure portion is often made of a thicker and stiffer plastic than the body of the reservoir itself, so it has a tendency to fold closed during refill. Not the greatest problem faced by the world, granted. But still, a pain when you’re a hot, sweaty, mess and you’re in a bit of a hurry to get going again.

The new Mazama INTake hydration reservoir claims to have solved this problem with a wide, stay-open design. This is owing to a unique expandable top opening that combines with an internal spring baffle to keep the bladder in an open position during filling.

mazama design intake hydration bladder

Secondarily, it also allows the reservoir to dry out more thoroughly, discouraging growth of odour-producing bacteria. What’s more, Mazama also claim the INTake reservoirs use a taste-free an anti-microbial film. These reservoirs could be a good alternative to those that come with EVOC packs or Innovate packs which, unfortunately, aren’t taste-free.

The fold and lock closure of the bladder ensures positive sealing while a full-length handle should help with filling, packing, and loading, keeping the reservoir upright in a pack. Its low-profile design is shaped to ride stably and comfortably in a wide variety of packs.

mazama intake 2l insulated hydration reservoir
The insulated version of the Mazama INTake hydration bladder keeps water cold 25% longer than the basic version

The Mazama INTake hydration bladders feature high-flow tubing with the brand’s proprietary GYZR bite valve said to allow a streaming flow. A no-slide magnet built into the bite valve body ensures secure valve tethering to a pack using Mazama’s auto-locate retainer.

Pricing & Availability

The Mazama INTake hydration reservoirs are available in four different models: 3L with full-length handle ($33.99), 2L with full-length handle ($31.99), 2L with short handle ($27.99) and an insulated version of the 2L INTake ($37.99). All products are BPA and PVC free, with a lifetime guarantee.

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