Rydon Solar Powered Bike Light delivers 300 Lumens for 50 hours on a full charge

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This could be a great option for commuters who occasionally forget to recharge their lights, or for riders doing long bikepacking trips with infrequent access to mains electricity. Going more for the built-like-a-tank aesthetic than a sleek aerodynamic one, Rydon have powered up a 300 lumen solar powered bike light to keep your path illuminated all year round.

Rydon Solar Powered Bike Light

rydon solar powered bike light front
The Rydon light attaches to your bicycle via a stainless steel clamp and “anti-theft bolt” which appears to require a T25.

The Rydon Solar Powered Bike Light is robustly designed so that it can pretty much live on your bicycle all year round. A 3mm thick stainless steel housing protects the fragile internals of the light, so it can be rained on, dropped, and generally used and abused with relative impunity. 

rydon solar powered bike light usb rechargeable
A status LED tells you when the battery is charging; in addition to the solar panel, it can also be charge via USB

The solar panel is said to be very efficient, able to charge the battery even during the low-light winter months. So, if you’re a bit useless at remembering to charge your commuter lights, this could be a good investment for you. Especially if you store your bicycle outside, where the Rydon has access to sunlight.

rydon solar powered bike light front side visibility
The Rydon Solar Powered Bike Light weighs a claimed 230 grams

The Rydon’s six wide-angle LEDs put out a maximum of 300 lumens in Boost mode, said to give good visibility from the front and the sides. For reference, an iPhone X flashlight puts out just 50 lumens in its brightest setting.

rydon solar powered bike light rear
This solar bike light has the following dimensions: width x length x depth = 90 x 63 x 41 mm

On a full charge, you can expect a respectable 50 hour run time from this solar powered bike light in Boost mode. There is a lower output mode from which you can expect a longer run time. The brand say the solar panel requires about one week of direct sunlight to fully recharge the battery.

Pricing & Availability

raer solar powered bike light rydon
A light indicates when the Rydon light has low battery; when it has around 5 hours of runtime left

Rydon offer a front and rear version of their solar powered bike light, each available with a choice of a black, silver, blue or orange housing, with a variety of different mounts. Pick one up for €45.


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