Otso Waheela Carbon gravel bike gets more cargo mounts plus four new colors

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Looking to make a great bike even better, Otso just made the Waheela C a little more versatile. Which is impressive, considering it was already one of the most versatile carbon gravel bikes on the market.

Otso Waheela Carbon gravel bike tuning chip

That distinction is thanks to the Tuning Chip dropout system which combines with massive tire clearance to adjust the ride to your needs. The three dropout positions include up to 20mm in wheelbase adjustment and the ability to raise or lower the bottom bracket by 4mm. That means you can tailor the set up to massive tires, as big as 29 x 2.1 or 700c x 54mm, or as small as 700c x 30mm. There are a number of companies that advertise the ability to run different wheel and tire sizes on their bikes, but few include the ability to adjust the geometry to compensate for difference in size.

New Fork

Otso Waheela Carbon gravel bike fork mounts

But to make the bike even more versatile as a bikepacking rig, Otso just added a new carbon fork that includes three pack mounts on each fork leg.

Otso Waheela Carbon gravel bike frameset

You’ll also find a three pack mount on the top and bottom of the downtube, plus another standard bottle mount on the seat tube, and top tube mounts for accessories up top. Fender mounts top off the accessory list giving you options for days.

Otso Waheela Carbon gravel bike bikepacking rig

The beauty of the Waheela C is that it can be built to be an all-road bike, a fast gravel race bike, or a full-on bikepacking rig to get you out of town. Now, that’s just a little easier with the new fork.

New Colors

Otso Waheela Carbon gravel bike frames

While the frame is the same as prior models, there are four new colors to choose from. Pick from Forest & Coral, Black & White, Burgundy & Red, or Matte Desert & Black. The colors are the starting point for the Otso Bike Configurator which allows you to choose nearly every spec of the build which could be customized.

Pricing for the frameset starts at $2,550, and complete bikes with Shimano GRX start at $3,750.


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