Gear Break: Rudy Project, Endura, Zipp, Reddiyo, MAAP & Mips New Website


Gear Break: Another mixed bag of gear: Life Time and Rudy Project customized helmet design tested by Pez, Endura women’s Pro SL EGM bibshort, Zipp 353 NSW tubeless disc brake wheelset, Reddiyo dynamic training platform, MAAP x Suplest EDGE+ Road Pro shoes and Mips launches redesigned brand website.

Life Time and Rudy Project Reveal Customized Cycling Helmet Designs
Exclusive helmets are the first in Life Time Events’ new licensing agreement endeavors

Castelli Spring 2012 cycling kit

rudy project

Participants of Life Time’s iconic cycling events will now be able to purchase more high-end branded equipment than ever before as part a new multi-year licensing agreement between Life Time and Rudy Project. The two brands will jointly offer a new, curated selection of cycling helmets that represent four off-road cycling races that Rudy Project is sponsoring in 2021 – Garmin UNBOUND Gravel, Stages Cycling Leadville Trail 100 MTB, Chequamegon MTB Festival and Lutsen 99er cycling events.

“For years our athletes have asked us for more branded products so they can proudly share their accomplishments with other cyclists,” said Kimo Seymour, President of Events and Media at Life Time. “The superior craftsmanship of Rudy Project’s products combined with these unique designs makes for the ultimate cool factor. We’re also excited about this partnership because it’s the first step in a promising future of licensing collaborations with other top-tier brands for our company.”

rudy project

Johnny Vu, Event Sales Director at Rudy Project, added, “We’re thrilled to launch these exclusive helmet editions for Lifetime and can’t wait to receive athlete feedback. We enjoyed the challenge of working with Life Time to identify and extract the character of each of the four races and to incorporate them into each of the respective designs.”

rudy project

The helmets are available for purchase at and are offered in two sizes per design.

Life Time continues to monitor evolving COVID-19 happenings for potential impact on its 2021 race season. To learn more about Life Time Athletic Events, visit

rudy project

Stephen Cheung PEZ sez:
Face it, short of being sponsored by Red Bull, helmets are one part of cycling kit that is seriously lagging in terms of flash and bling, with most of us restricted to variations of white or black. So it was with some glee that I pulled the new “Unbound” special edition Rudy Project Strym helmet out of the box. It’s one of 4 helmets in their range given a custom treatment in collaboration with an epic cycling event.

Listed at 255 g, mine weighed in at 275 g, but all was forgiven at the sight of the multi-hued blue paint scheme, which happily matches well with the multiple iterations of Pez kit. Featuring themes like “grit,” “ramble on,” “tire-shredding,” and “200” in the graphics, the design has a lot to explore as you work your way around the helmet. The Strym doesn’t come with MIPS or any rotational features, but one thing I really like is the airframe, which involves a thin band around the entire circumference of the helmet. Specifically, this means that tightening the helmet even tightens the strap around your entire skull, rather than just cramming your noggin forward into the front of the helmet. It’s still cool here in Ontario, so I can’t attest to how it deals with extremely hot and humid riding. However, at around 12°C I’m still putting a cap underneath to reduce airflow. Plus the bug net padding has proven missile.

● More info on Rudy Project at:
● More info on Life Time Athletic Events at:

Endura Women’s Pro SL EGM Bibshort
The Ergonomistry Project – Digital Product Launch | Game-changing women’s road cycling bibshort with unique Drop Seat function


Endura has embraced the taboo of women’s saddle discomfort with this novel concept developed with a wide pool of serious, highly critical female road riders, and also tested and proven by pro athletes Lucy Charles-Barclay and Denise Schindler. Ergonomic innovation and comfort engineering, backed by both medical science and rigorous rider testing.

Women’s Pro SL EGM Bibshort featuring Endura’s all-new Ergonomistry Pad allowing her to ride harder longer. Ergonomistry aims to improve comfort, a pathway to higher performance through reduced fatigue. The Ergonomistry philosophy is very simple: Ergonomic innovation and comfort engineering, backed by both medical science and rigorous rider testing… Love at first fit guaranteed.


Below is a recording of our DIGITAL launch of the Endura Ergonomistry Project, where we officially announce our partnership with the renowned physiotherapist and ergonomist Phil Burt, previously Head of Physiotherapy at British Cycling. Learn about what defines the Ergonomistry Project and its first output – the ground-breaking Women’s Pro SL EMG Bibshort.

● High-quality Italian power Lycra® fabric with coldblack® technology dramatically reducing heat build-up and providing UPF50 protection
● PFC-Free, non-toxic durable water repellent finish
● Women’s 800 Series Conform EGM Pad with medical-grade Elastomer technology
● Ergonomic, pre-shaped multi-panel construction
● New bib construction combining wide elastic crossover back straps and supportive high wicking front mesh panel
● High power, lumbar support panel
● Innovative, discreet, zip-free, and unique Drop Seat comfort break function
● 90 Day Satisfaction Guarantee
● MSRP: $194.99
● More info at:

Introducing the Zipp 353 NSW Tubeless Disc Brake Wheelset


Zipp’s 353 NSW Tubeless Disc brake wheelset is the pinnacle of our pursuit of versatility and speed. This wheelset fuses Zipp’s two most advanced approaches, Sawtooth rim profile and Total System Efficiency Technology, for an all-encompassing approach to performance.


With its undulating 45-mm deep rim shape, the 353 NSW provides speed on every terrain with best in-class aerodynamic efficiency and crosswind stability. The 353 NSW is Zipp’s lightest tubeless wheelset yet, making it a fastpuncher ready to fight its way into the breakaway.

Zipp’s use of hookless (straight side) rims in the 353 NSW is integral to achieving our mission of Making You Faster. With hookless, the transition between the tire and the rim is more seamless and aero.

Zipp’s hookless rims have more efficient resin distribution, which means lighter wheels. They also are highly durable.


Zipp’s 353 NSW’s Sawtooth rim shape with Hyperfoils optimizes aerodynamic efficiency and crosswind stability. The Sawtooth design also allows the rim to be structurally strong but light. That will help you snap out of corners and maintain that speed no matter the terrain, especially the steep, punchy stuff.

The 353 NSW utilizes Zipp’s Total System Efficiency, or TSE, approach to wheel design: overcoming specific barriers to speed: wind resistance, gravity, rolling resistance, and vibration losses. The wheelset’s 25mm internal width is ideal for running wider tubeless tires at reduced air pressure for a more efficient ride. At the center of the 353 NSW is the Cognition V2 Hubset reengineered with an updated Axial Clutch V2 mechanism for quicker engagement and lower friction as well as improved durability.


● Versatile endurance wheelset for the modern road bike with tubeless and hookless rim profile
● Our lightest tubeless wheelset yet, making it a fast-puncher ready to fight
● Optimized tire bed for easy tire installation TSE for greater efficiency and reduced rolling resistance
● Sawtooth rim with Hyperfoil nodes and HexFin ABLC dimple pattern for top aero and crosswind-stability performance with an undulating rim depth
● Cognition V2 hubset rolls efficiently whether you are pedaling or coasting. Its Axial ClutchV2 technology reduces drag and lowers friction
● Ships with 12mm front and rear end caps
● Center locking rotor interface. Lockring is included with the wheels
● XDR or SRAM/Shimano driver bodies
● Front 580g Rear: 675g
● MSRPs: $4,000/ €3,600*/ £3,200*
● More info at:
*Includes VAT

Reddiyo Releases Dynamic Training Platform for Cyclists


Reddiyo announces the release of the Reddiyo training platform, available as a mobile app that provides cyclists with a comprehensive, yet simplified, way of training using custom dynamic training plans that adapt based on rider-provided data. With the belief that athletes shouldn’t have to be IT professionals or data scientists to understand their workouts, Reddiyo provides an easier way to train using intelligent software. Reddiyo delivers high-quality training that is simplified to establish and accomplish a clear set of goals without overcomplicating the process, all within their mobile app. The initial release of the Reddiyo training platform is built for cyclists and retails at US$14.99 monthly, with plans to expand offerings to other endurance disciplines in the future.

More than just a static plan, Reddiyo’s proprietary algorithms develop workouts based on specific goals, rider ability, personal schedules, and cumulative stress, offering continuous data analysis and adjustments to optimize performance. Reddiyo’s goal-oriented platform is excellent for racing, bucket-list events, or general cycling fitness. It also acts as a tool for riders who may not have access or need for a personal coach. On the other hand, the platform can enhance coach-to-rider communication and optimize training when working with a personal coach. Reddiyo is in the process of developing a specific interface for coaches to guide their athletes and is currently accepting inquiries about participating in beta testing.


As data is uploaded, training plans adapt and notify users of any recommended changes based on their progression, missed workouts, and performance metrics to help riders stay on track. For riders who may not want a structured plan or want to switch their week up, Reddiyo provides a catalog of workouts allowing them to choose from a variety of workout profiles. Workouts can also be performed however a user chooses to ride: indoors, outdoors, road, gravel, etc.

“Athletes want a better understanding of how they are progressing and what they need to do to optimize performance. Not everyone wants to spend precious time researching the science and technology to support training at the highest levels. We developed Reddiyo to serve these riders.”Craig Martin, CEO of Reddiyo.


Reddiyo co-founders Craig Martin, CEO, and Rona Kilmer, CPO, believe that one plan does not fit all. Athletes’ lives aren’t static and your plans shouldn’t be either. They bring over 40 years of combined software development and endurance training experience. Craig has spent the last 20 years leading and delivering high-quality software with a background in computer science and psychology. He has overseen engineering operations and worked in providing technology services to companies to overcome business challenges. Rona brings another dimension to the company, having spent the previous 20 years in design, web-app development, and software architecture roles with a degree in Media Arts and Design. She is committed to building an enjoyable and effective product for endurance athletes who are frustrated with the current training platforms available in the market today.

Data can be provided to Reddiyo through fitness trackers, mobile apps, and bike computers, with or without power, and the platform receives data directly from Garmin, Wahoo, Suunto, and Polar devices. Users can also upload TCX and FIT files through their browser dashboard online if other devices or apps are used to track rides. Workout files can also be exported for use with Zwift or other indoor programs and Garmin users with newer models can have workouts pushed straight to their devices.

Reddiyo is currently available in the US Google Play and Apple app stores and will also be expanding to offer a browser-based interface. In the coming weeks, users can expect a live workout player to be introduced on the app allowing users to complete both indoor and outdoor workouts directly within the app. Reddiyo is also developing features to include GPS capabilities, running and multisport training, and coaching integrations.

● More from Reddiyo at:

MAAP x Suplest EDGE+ Road Pro Shoes // Fit To Perform


In 2016, MAAP paired up with Swiss performance footwear manufacturers Suplest for the first time to bring their community the Edge 3 Road Shoe. Unbeknownst at the time, what started as their first foray into the cycling footwear space, would soon be the starting point for a partnership that spans almost five years. Their collaboration is still going strong with the most recent release of the MAAP x Suplest EDGE+ Road Pro.


“We’re super excited to be partnering with Suplest again on our latest release. We see a lot of synergies between their brand ethos and our own; passionate cyclists wanting to create a high-end product deeply rooted in design, comfort, and quality for cyclists. With the success of the EDGE+ Road Pro last year selling out within record time, it’s easy to see the demand for performance footwear is strong within our community of riders. In 2021, we’ve created an updated exclusive MAAP design for the EDGE+ Road Pro in two new colourways,” said Oliver Cousins, MAAP Co-Founder.


The Suplest EDGE+ Road Pro features the advanced technological features that MAAP and Suplest customers know and love. An Anatomic WRAP™ tongue construction provides cyclists with custom comfort for their feet, no matter the shape. The Dual-Boa® Closure System allows you to dial into an intuitive fit, while the thin CARBONSHIELD technology spreads pressure across the laces for increased pedaling power.

High breathability is provided via ultra-thin, seamless microfibers uppers, made in Japan, whilst the custom reflective MAAP graphic provides riders with high visibility in low light conditions.


Exceed your limits in two exclusive colors: Army Green or White.

Extremely limited quantities available online now via or through your local MAAP dealer.


Features List:
● Anatomic WRAP™ tongue construction accommodating multiple foot shapes and widths.
● Thin CARBONSHIELD spreads the pressure of the laces and offers incredible power transfer.
● Dual-Boa® Closure System for an intuitive fit.
● SOLESTAR footbeds specifically made for cycling.
● Ultra-thin, seamless microfiber uppers from Japan offer breathability and reduce hot spots.
● The all-new SUPtraction rubber stud on the forefoot and heel simultaneously ensures comfortable walking and protection of the carbon sole.
● Highly reflective elements for improved visibility in low light conditions.

Mips Launches Redesigned Brand Website to Put Consumer Education First
Consumers now have access to resources that make it easier to purchase the best suited helmet


Mips, a global leader in helmet safety technology, today unveils its latest effort to make helmet safety more transparent and easily understandable to everyday people. Mips’ website has been rebuilt from the ground up to be a consumer-first experience, focused on making helmet safety education accessible to all.

The website extends far beyond simple cosmetic changes. Mips’ recent brand evolution can be seen in the website’s language and overall design philosophy, all designed to maximize consumer benefit. For 20+ years, Mips’ brand voice has prioritized the rigorous scientific and technical innovation within the Mips system, but with a renewed focus on educating consumers, the voice is all about making it easier to understand helmet safety.

The website also provides useful resources for consumers looking to find the right helmet, such as a search engine for locating helmets equipped with the Mips® system across 121 brands and 16 categories, as well as a checklist of things to consider when purchasing a helmet.

“As of late last year, more than 20 million helmets equipped with the Mips® system have been sold since Mips’ started as a company in 2001,” says Max Strandwitz, CEO of Mips. “This never ceases to amaze us and we could not be more happy with our success. But in terms of consumer education on helmets and head safety, there’s still a long road ahead for our industry. Many consumers are not equipped to make the best decision when purchasing a helmet. This new website may seem small, but to us, it’s a critical step on our mission to improve helmet safety around the world.”

Earlier this year, Mips announced the reclassification of its entire product lineup to make it simpler and easier to understand for consumers. Mips also recently launched its first-ever athlete-ambassador team, Team Mips, featuring some of the most well-respected athletes in the world: Kate Courtney, world champion cross-country cyclist, as well as her teammates on Team Scott/SRAM; Henrik Harlaut, the most decorated skier in X Games history; Brandon Semunuk, the champion Canadian mountain biker; and the latest addition to the team is Honda’s factory racing squad for the FIM Motocross World Championship: Team HRC MXGP, with the addition of Honda riders Tim Gajser and Mitch Evans.

● Visit the new website at

About Mips:
Mips specializes in helmet-based safety. Based on an ingredient brand model, the Mips® system is sold to the global helmet industry. Mips solutions are patented in all relevant markets and are based on more than 20 years of research and development together with the Royal Institute of Technology and the Karolinska University Hospital in Stockholm, Sweden.

Mips is the leader in helmet safety technology focusing on rotational energies and cooperates with 121 helmet brands that offer more than 729 models equipped with the Mips® system on the global helmet market. The company’s headquarters, with 44 employees in research and development, sales, marketing and administration is located in Stockholm together with the test facility. For more information, visit

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