Readers’ Rig: Tommasini Diamante


Readers’ Rigs today steps back in time for a look at a classic machine from Italy decked out in Italy’s finest Campagnolo C-Record of the era – a Tommasini Diamante. From Italy to North Carolina to the International pages of PEZ, it’s Readers’ Rigs time.


Name: Ryan James Asher
Location: North Carolina
Bike: Tommasini Diamante
Groupset: Campagnolo C-Record
Wheels: Ambrosio Excellence rims, DT Swiss Competition spokes, DT Swiss nipples, Campagnolo Record hubs
Pedals: LOOK Keo Sprint
Saddle: Selle San Marco Regal.e
Weight: just under 10kgs.


When did you buy it?

What made you choose this bike?
My first road bike was a used aluminum Cannondale. I always loved the lines and looks of thin-tubed classic steel road bikes. For fun I would play around with the Tommasini colorway mock-up that they have on their website. I was then helping a friend look around for a road bike and happened to see this one for sale. Though I was determined to wait and give myself a classy steel bike as a reward for finishing graduate school, this bicycle was too stunning and rare to pass on. Additionally, my paternal grandfather had just passed away and left me a modest, though hard earned, inheritance. My parents told me very plainly to spend the money on something I really wanted, but didn’t need. The cool thing is that he was an airline mechanic and could fix anything; when I got this bike my mechanical skills stopped at swapping a tube. These days I do the majority of my own work, so I’d like to think I inherited some of his wrenching skills. (It doesn’t hurt that my father is a mechanical engineer and can show me how to fix things I haven’t done yet.)


What modifications/additions have you done?
This bike arrived to me as it was built up in 1991, complete with a Sigma computer with 75 kms on it which I bet was the grand total it was ridden. I have all of the original parts, but I’ve swapped a few things. The wheelset is brand new, I swapped a Cinelli XA stem for this 1A stem and had to swap the bars as well, as this stem is a 26.0 not a 26.2. I also added these bottle cages, pedals, and saddle. Frame and gruppo are original.

What components are you running?
The complete running gear includes; Cinelli 1A stem, Cinelli Giro d’Italia ’64 bars, Campagnolo C-Record gruppo, Campagnolo Delta brakes, LOOK Keo sprint pedals, Elite bidon cages, Veloflex Master 23mm tires & Vredestein latex tubes.


How many miles/kilometers do you do a year?
I ride a bicycle every day of the year, both for commuting and for leisure. I don’t own a car. I keep track of overall mileage to see how long parts and chains last, but I really don’t know my overall total. I also have numerous bikes, so I haven’t added it up lately. Also, I played competitive sports for most of my life, including in college. I came to cycling in my early 20s, after I “retired” from competitive sports. I needed a new sport and for me, being on a bike is all about having a blast, not about any sort of competition with myself or others.

Favorite riding area?
The cycling terrain is outstanding here in central North Carolina and I’m lucky my wife lured me to this state. However, I’ll always have a soft spot for the climbs in upstate New York, where I grew up and where I really grew into an avid cyclist.


Favorite riding experience on your bike?
My buddy Chuck Miller and I founded the No Sloping Top Tubes Cycling Team. Our ranks have swollen to two. We ride most Sundays for a few hours. Anytime I roll with him is a good day on the bike. For a single incident, one day I was descending my favorite local road and all of a sudden a guy in full leathers on a big ol’ beast of a motorcycle was alongside me. I thought, “Uh oh, what is up with this dude?” He pointed at his speedometer, gave me a thumbs up and a smile, and roared off. I thought it was pretty cool that guy took some joy in seeing me out on a bike.

Future upgrades?
I’ve wanted to make to make a few since I first got this bike and I just made all the swaps this spring. Matt Lodder, the Cycle Surgeon in Cary, NC, just built these lovely wheels. As much as I like nice new parts, I’m completely happy with the state of this bicycle.


Last words?
I’ve been an avid road cyclist since 2003 and am incredibly thankful to have discovered the joys of cycling. I have been riding bikes since I was a kid, but never with any serious passion. Now I’m on a bicycle daily and the benefits of cycling are immense. I’m thrilled to have found my lifetime sport. Owning this bike is a pleasure and I appreciate the opportunity to share it with other cycling aficionados. Oh, and I’m half Italian, so that’s a pretty good excuse to own three Italian road bikes. Also thanks to Pez Cycling! Your content is awesome and Readers’ Rigs is a great feature.

Thanks to Ryan for sharing his classic ride with us. Got a classic bike of your own or a modern wonder that you’d like to share with PEZ fans all around the world? Send us a Readers’ Rigs submission to [email protected] and your bike could be featured in all its glory here on the pages of PEZ.

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