Gear Break: MAAP Cap, Tubolito, Campagnolo Bora Ultra WTO, Lizard Skins, KASK, DHB Mitts & Chamois Butt’r


Gear Break: A very full bag of gear: MAAP x New Era Prime rain cap, new Tubolito gravel tubes, Campagnolo Bora Ultra WTO wheels, Lizard Skins new 4.6mm V2 DSP tape, KASK new urban cycling helmets, the new DHB Aeron mitts and Chamois Butt’r launches 2021 ambassador team.

MAAP x New Era Prime Rain Cap

Officine Mattiohandmade Italian bicycles

New Era, Polartec®, and MAAP have joined forces to bring a new era in protection to the technical performance cycling caps space by introducing the MAAP x New Era Prime Rain Cap.


The Prime Rain Cap has been designed from the ground up specifically for wet weather conditions. Polartec® Neoshell fabric forms the base shell and has a three layer 10k waterproof treatment applied, meaning it can withstand 10,000mm of water when stacked in a 1” x 1” column before it would begin to seep into the fabric.


“Teaming up with Polartec® who are well renowned for being the leaders in high performance and sustainable textile solutions, and New Era who are synonymous with caps was an easy decision for us as a design team as each company brings something unique and together, it fits like the perfect puzzle piece. The Prime Rain Cap is part of our new technical outerwear, base layers, and accessories collection, the beginning of a long-term technical partnership with Polartec®. This highly breathable cap provides continuous airflow through enhanced thermoregulation, repels water, is lightweight and quick-drying; striking the right balance between innovation and classic workmanship,” said Craig Coetsee, MAAP Design Manager.

Get ahead in three MAAP exclusive colors: black, brick and navy.


xpedo cxr pedalbanner with Brian McCullough

Features List:

  • Collaboration with New Era specifically designed for wet weather conditions
  • Polartec® Neoshell fabric
  • 3 Layer 10k waterproof
  • Highly breathable
  • Seams thermo welded and taped
  • Reflective Graphics
  • Elasticated internal sweatband

Chuck Peña PEZ sez:

If you’re an NFL, MLB, NBA, or NHL fan and you collect your favorite teams’ hats, the odds are pretty good you have at least one New Era cap in your collection. Now I have one for cycling.

For the weight weenies (MAAP spec is 25 grams)


For me, the MAAP x New Era Prime Rain Cap is a great piece of kit to have on hand for those days when I venture out in iffy weather. I don’t intentionally ride in the rain anymore (I know … HTFU!), but this cycling cap is light enough and small enough to stuff into a jersey pocket on a ride where there might be a chance of rain. If there are threatening skies, it’s easy enough to put the cap on under my helmet to keep my head from getting soaked in the event of rain.

It’s also a perfect solution on cool days with a lot of wind to help keep your head from getting too cold from wind chill.


I’m not a cycling cap under my helmet kind of rider for regular riding, but I have a few cycling buddies who are. For those who are, the MAAP x New ERA Prime Rain Cap could be the last cycling cap you ever need.

Water just beads up and if you shake the cap, it just rolls off

● You can find out more at:

New Tubolito Gravel Tubes


Tubeless wheels and tires are an absolute godsend for gravel riding, allowing much lower pressures, no worries about pinch flats, or most small punctures. However, you know what Murphy’s Law is all about. No technology is immune to its powers, and it’s still a good idea to pack a spare tube and pump with you just in case, especially if your adventures take you far off the beaten path. But of course, the wide gravel tires means a much bulkier and heavier tube to stash into your pocket or saddlebag, taking up valuable room and weight in your bar or frame bag.


So it was quite a case of sensory deprivation when I laid my hands onto the new Tubolito gravel tubes, as in “There’s Nothing There!” Considering that a typical 700c x 23/25mm butyl road tube is about 90 g, it’s rather astounding that the Tubo-CX/Gravel All weighs in at a scant 61 g, and that includes a 60 mm valve. This is for a tube that’s compatible with both 650/700c, and for 30-47 mm width tires.


So that’s one level of sensory deprivation, but there’s more (of less?). Also launched is the S-Tubo-CX/Gravel All tube, with the S standing for Spare rather than everyday use. At just 36 g, again with a 60 mm valve height and the same sizing specs, that’s entering the realm of the ridiculous. My samples weighed in even lower, at 59 and 33 g for the two tubes, and that’s even without going all weight weenie and removing the end cap.


So there’s really no excuse for NOT packing a spare tube to dropkick Murphy on your gravel adventure now, and Tubolito makes a patch kit for their tubes also.

● You can find out more at:

Campagnolo Bora Ultra WTO Wheels
Stiffer, lighter and more aerodynamic, the new Bora Ultra WTO series showcases the beauty of speed.


Since 1994, Campagnolo’s Bora series has set the standard for high-performance racing wheels, with each evolution bringing considerable real-world performance increases. The iconic Italian cycling brand now unveils its latest iteration in the range, the new Bora Ultra WTO series, a range-topping wheelset available disc brake-only, in 33, 45 and 60mm rim-depth formats. The new model takes an evolutionary leap ahead of its predecessors, with significant improvements to aerodynamics, stiffness and weight, unlocked by a forward-thinking design process at the brand’s Vicenza HQ.

The introduction of aerodynamic (and easy to maintain) internal nipples, a redesigned hub and new rim made from proprietary ultra-light carbon fiber, all adds up to an extraordinarily fast wheelset. Beauty is the brand’s forte however, and aesthetics certainly haven’t been forgotten amid the innovation. Elegant copper-shaded Campagnolo branding decorates the wheel’s rim and hub, complete with a timeless and discrete desaturation effect that hints at something truly special beneath the surface.

Priced from €3150 EUR / $3585 USD / £2810 GBP SRP, The Bora Ultra WTO is – without doubt – the pinnacle of modern wheelset engineering and Italian design.


It takes time to make wheels this fast
Like all Campagnolo wheels and groupsets, the Bora Ultra WTO has been designed, developed, tested and produced – from start to finish – entirely in house. Every element is Campagnolo’s own – be it spoke, rim or hub – and part of a cohesive and uncompromising vision for speed. The new wheels have been nearly 3 years of dedicated research and development in the making and employ several innovative Campagnolo-patented technologies designed to increase speed, improve aerodynamics and reduce weight.


Aero Mo-Mag™
The Bora Ultra WTO (WTO denoting ‘Wind Tunnel Optimized’) is designed to offer unparalleled aerodynamic performance in real-world conditions. To achieve this, Campagnolo has introduced Aero Mo-Mag™ internal nipples. Hidden inside the rim, this latest iteration of Campagnolo’s Mo-Mag™ technology allows for cleaner and more efficient airflow when coupled with Campagnolo’s aero elliptical spokes. Aerodynamics isn’t the only benefit of the patented technology, as the Mo-Mag™ system allows Campagnolo to mould the nipple and valve holes into the rims, negating entirely the need to drill holes in the carbon fiber. This increases internal strength, and reduces localized stress, which in turn increases the wheelset’s fatigue life. Internalising the nipples in such a way also guarantees perfect alignment, resulting in an even more accurate wheel build.


The benefits don’t stop there however, as no drilled holes in the 2-Way Fit rim bed means no need for rim tape, so fitting tubeless, tubeless-ready and clincher tires proves a seamless affair. The Aero Mo-Mag™ system even averts the traditional pitfalls of internal nipples by guaranteeing ease-of-adjustment with a supplied tool, meaning spoke tension can be increased or decreased, even with the tire still in place. Equally important is Campagnolo’s decision to introduce a fibre-glass reinforced polymer plate between the rim and the nipple to drastically reduce the likelihood of galvanized corrosion occurring – a common downside of most internal nipple systems.


H.U.L.C. Construction
The Bora Ultra WTO’s rims have been completely redesigned across the range with both weight-loss and continued WTO performance in mind. The new rims, aerodynamically optimized for 25mm tires, are constructed from Campagnolo’s Hand Made Ultra-Light Carbon. H.U.L.C. is the result of extensive development over decades of in-house carbon fiber moulding, enabling Campagnolo’s engineers to optimize the usage of both fiber and bonding resin for the perfect blend of strength, stiffness and light weight. This means the Bora Ultra WTO tips the scales at just 1425g in the 45mm rim format.


C-LUX Finish
Fast wheels must look the part too however, so the rim (and front hub) also sports a stunning mirror-like Campagnolo Luxury (C-LUX) finish. This C-LUX finish is so pristinely smooth that it doesn’t require lacquer, saving weight. When applied to the rim bed, as Campagnolo has done for the first time with its new Bora Ultra WTO, the scientific precision of C-LUX also helps to ensure the safest possible seating of tubeless tires and further reduces the risk of abrasions to the bead.


The Bora Ultra WTO benefits from Campagnolo’s Ceramic Ultimate Level Technology (CULT) bearings in both hubs, which are now aerodynamically optimized with a narrower flange. CULT’s precisely engineered ceramic bearings are more durable than traditional steel bearings, reduce wear and tear and are more efficient – offering 5 1⁄2 times less friction than their standard sealed steel counterparts. Spinning from a speed of 78km/h, a Campagnolo wheel using CULT bearings takes a staggering 2 hours and 45 minutes to reach a standstill. Contrast this with a mere 30 minutes for regular sealed bearings and the performance benefits of CULT become crystal clear.


Aerodynamics, light weight and ease-of-maintenance are a must of course but stiffness is equally crucial for a wheelset of this calibre. No premium Campagnolo wheel is complete without the brand’s iconic and torsion-negating G3 spoke pattern – a design born from science as much as it is from art. Campagnolo’s asymmetric G3 system, optimized for disc brakes, improves power transfer and reduces stress during sprinting as well as under heavy braking. This unique approach, when combined with a truly integrated system – from hub, to spoke, to nipple, and rim – makes the Bora Ultra WTO immensely stiff under load, and as fast as it is beautiful.


The new wheelset utilizes Campagnolo’s Next 3 Ways (N3W) freehub body, first seen in July last year. N3W is a patented standard for a freewheel body engineered to house Campagnolo 11, 12 and 13-speed cassettes. The wheelset is also available with freehub drivers for Shimano HG and SRAM XDR.


A race-winning wheelset
As a mainstay of the sport, Campagnolo’s deep-rooted relationship with the very best WorldTour cycling teams has allowed for extensive race testing prior to launch, courtesy of UAE Team Emirates, Lotto-Soudal and Ag2R-Citroën Team. The Bora Ultra WTO has, unbeknownst to many, already won a WorldTour stage; converting Caleb Ewan’s explosive power into substantial speed in a tightly-contested bunch sprint finish on Stage 7 of the UAE Tour. The wheels have also earned the respect of Tour de France winner Tadej Pogačar. The young Slovenian rode the Bora Ultra WTO to a convincing overall victory at the first WorldTour race of the season, adding yet another win to his impressive palmarès. Olympic Champion Greg Van Avermaet has also put the wheelset through its paces throughout the Spring Classics.


The Bora Ultra WTO will be available immediately and is priced at €3150 EUR / $3585 USD / £2810 GBP SRP with Campagnolo’s N3W freehub.

Technical Specifications:
Weight (pair, N3W™, exc. lockring/valve): 1385g (33mm), 1425g (45mm), 1530g (60mm)
Max. recommended system weight: 120kg
ASTM classification: 1

Material: H.U.L.C UD high-strength carbon fibre, C-LUX finish
Tyre compatibility: 2-Way Fit – Tubeless, tubeless-ready, clincher
Recommended tyre size: 700c, aerodynamically optimized for 25mm
Rim height: 33mm / 45mm / 60mm
Internal width: 21mm (33) – 19mm (45-60)
External width: 27.4mm (33) – 26.1mm (45-60)

Front hub type: Carbon body with integrated radial flange
Front hub width: 12 x 100mm
Rear hub type: Aluminum body, 36 tooth ratchet freehub
Rear hub width: 12 x 142mm
Axle type: Aluminum thru axle
Bearings: CULT™ ceramic, cup and cone
Brake interface: AFS disc
Freehub compatibility: N3W™, XDR, HG

Spokes & Nipples:
Spokes: 24, elliptical, straight-pull, double-butted, 1.5mm
Spoke pattern: G3™
Nipples: Aluminum Aero Mo-Mag™, self-locking, internal

Supplied With:
Aero Mo-Mag™ nipple maintenance kit, tubeless valves, AFS lockrings, Campagnolo wheel bags, Campagnolo accessories bag, tyre levers, Campagnolo N3W™ Z11 adapter (with N3W™ freehub version).

N3W Specification: €3150 EUR / $3585 USD / £2810 GBP per pair
HG Specification: €3155 EUR / $3590 USD / £2815 GBP per pair
XDR Specification: €3160 EUR / $3595 USD / £2820 GBP per pair

● All the info at:

Lizard Skins Launches New 4.6mm V2 DSP Tape

Lizard Skins, the first company to offer handlebar tape in multiple thicknesses, has expanded its line of DSP V2 tape to four thicknesses, now adding a new 4.6mm version in four colors: Jet Black, Graphite, Crimson Red, and Electric Blue. The new DSP 4.6mm tape was created for the growing popularity of Bikepacking, long Gravel rides, and Cyclocross. The new tape offers increased vibration damping and cushioning for a rider’s hands. The DSP V2 tape line is now available in: 1.8mm, 2.5mm, 3.2, and 4.6mm.

Lizard Skins started to offer their DSP tape in 2010 in the 2.5mm and later added the thinner 1.8 and 3.2mm. Their Partnerships with Pro Tour teams prompted the thickness change after learning that teams would double wrap their handlebars for some of the cobbled classics. Lizard Skins offered to make a thicker tape that would be lighter than double wrapping but offer the same damping and comfort as a double wrapped bar. The DSP tape is the choice of Pro Tour teams Lotto Soudal and Movistar and cyclocross riders Maghalie Rochette and Kerry Werner, Geoff Kabush, and Erin Huck.

lizard skins

“We see more and more customers going out bikepacking, exploring dirt roads and trails on their cross or gravel bikes, and the gravel race scene continues to grow like crazy, so it was natural for us to offer a thicker tape for the longs days in the saddle,” says Ryan Huntington Lizard Skins’ Sales and Marketing Director. “It’s a very similar story to when we launched the 3.2mm tape to help riders on the cobbles.”

● DSP V2 tape starting at $39.99 in stock and shipping now.
● More info at:

KASK Takes to the Street with New Urban Cycling Helmets
URBAN R and MOEBIUS encompass KASK’s signature Italian style and thoughtful engineering, for commuters and city riders everywhere.


KASK is proud to announce the launch of URBAN R and MOEBIUS – two new urban helmet models that marry the premium manufacturer’s Italian flare with stylish city-inspired aesthetics, optimum durability and comfort that is vitally important for the hustle and bustle of city riding.

Both new models are designed to suit daily commuters, eBike riders and city explorers alike, accommodating the demands of urban riding with the attention to detail for which KASK is best known.

URBAN R – Stylish and street smart
URBAN R features more than just beautiful aesthetics. With an integrated active ventilation system, URBAN R’s airflow is fully adjustable to suit the rider’s needs. A simple slide of the rear lever will open the helmet’s vent to allow comfortable cooling while the sun is shining. Equally, riders can close the vent for added warmth and protection from the elements on rainy days. Whether it is being worn on the bike, carried onto public transport or hung up in the office, URBAN R is designed to slot into busy routines with ease.

URBAN R comes with a Light Smoke visor as standard, offering UV400 protection that blocks 99% of UVA and UVB light. With a One-move Switch system, by simply pushing the buttons on each side the visor can be detached and replaced with one of four other visor options to accommodate varying light conditions.

Inside the helmet, the all-new and KASK-exclusive ERGO FIT adjuster ensures a precise fit and comfort, even when riding on uneven terrain. Comfort is further optimized thanks to a soft lining and thick inner padding with Silverplus® antibacterial and antimicrobial properties, whilst the inner sides have been designed to perfectly accommodate glasses. Topped off with a synthetic leather chinstrap, URBAN R makes a stylish statement, with zero compromise on safety.

URBAN R’s key features:
● New KASK-exclusive ERGO FIT adjuster
● Active ventilation system
● Interchangeable visor with four alternative colorway/light transmission options
● Silverplus® antibacterial inner padding for optimum comfort
● Premium synthetic leather chinstrap
● Lightweight (410g in size M, without visor)
● Available in sizes S/M (51-57cm), M/L (54-59cm) and L/XL (60-63cm)
● KASK WG11 Rotational Test Passed
● Availability and pricing: URBAN R will go on sale in North America from the end of June, retailing at $249 USD (CPSC 1203 certified).
● Find out more about URBAN R here.

MOEBIUS: Simple, elegant, effective
KASK’s answer to the ever-growing popularity of new urban mobility solutions, MOEBIUS is designed to accommodate a wide range of urban riders, from commuters to leisure cyclists and eBikers. In addition to its elegant lines, a tough, scratch resistant ABS exterior shell ensures it is robust enough to withstand the daily demands of a busy urban lifestyle, while a detachable peak provides protection against the elements, for riding in all weather conditions.

MOEBIUS features the all-new and KASK-exclusive ERGO FIT adjuster to ensure precise fit and comfort, even when riding on uneven terrain such as cobblestone streets. Complete with removable and washable padding, MOEBIUS provides optimum comfort for day-to-day wear.


MOEBIUS’ key features:
● New KASK-exclusive ERGO FIT adjuster
● Front and rear air vents for optimum airflow
● Removable padding for optimum comfort
● Scratch-resistant ABS shell
● Reflective insert for high visibility
● Detachable peak
● Lightweight (420g in size M)
● Available in sizes M (52-58cm) and L (59-62cm)
● KASK WG11 Rotational Test Passed
● Availability and pricing: MOEBIUS will go on sale in North America from the end of June (CPSC 1203 certified). It will retail at $149 USD.
● Find out more about MOEBIUS here.

Safety first
As a manufacturer at the forefront of helmet design across multiple sporting disciplines, KASK strives to develop class-leading helmets that have been subjected to rigorous testing far beyond the mandatory industry standards. Ensuring that all KASK helmets offer the best possible protection against rotational impacts is fundamental to this principle. As such, the URBAN R and MOEBIUS have been rigorously tested against both linear and rotational impacts at an independent laboratory, striking flat and angled surfaces. When it comes to safety, KASK makes no compromises.

Elastic Interface® ’s Innovative Palm Technology Now Also Available on the New DHB Aeron Mitts
Elastic Interface® and DHB have been proud partners for many years. Today the English company launches on the market its new Aeron Mitts and chooses the exclusive EIT Palm technology to offer maximum comfort, safe and effective grip and ergonomics.


DHB, the well-known British clothing brand owned by Wiggle, launches its new Aeron Mitts. As is already the case with several other labels, the British brand’s collaboration with Elastic Interface® now extends from shorts to the hand-handlebar interface.

DHB’s new Aeron Mitts use the innovative EIT Palm technology, with a three dimensional, anatomical, seamless palm.

EIT Palm Technology by Elastic Interface® is the first three-dimensional, seamless and elastic palm designed for cycling gloves. It respects the anatomy of the hand, improves blood flow and relieves pressure on the ulnar nerve. Its three-dimensional design is developed based on anthropometric parameters and with the support of the University of Padua (Department of Biomedical Sciences).

Launched in September 2019, Elastic Interface® Palm Technology is revolutionizing the world of cycling gloves: this “hand pad” represents the sum of years of research and development by the brand, in the field of bibshorts protection. An expertise that has made the company the global leader in cycling comfort.


DHB chose the Slim version for its Aeron Mitts. Developed by Elastic Interface® for road or off-road use the Slim Palm offers single density padding, with strategically placed perforations to provide breathability and comfort. Its anatomical shape improves blood circulation in the hand and relieves pressure on the ulnar nerve.

Very light, ideal for summer cycling, the new Aeron Mitts have an extremely elastic upper fabric, which ensures a great fit and removes the need for a traditional closure system. Featuring refined details such as pull tabs on the wrist and between the middle fingers as well as a very soft nose wipe, the new gloves are available to purchase from

● Discover all the brands that have chosen the innovative EIT Palm Technology by Elastic Interface® by visiting

Chamois Butt’r Launches 2021 Ambassador Team
Sixteen cyclists from all disciplines and backgrounds encourage you to ride more comfortably with Butt’r


Chamois Butt’r, the ultimate skin lubricant, and chamois cream, is pleased to announce a new ambassador program built to spread the good word of how Butt’r makes bike rides better.

Sixteen ambassadors make up the new team. Chamois Butt’r is on a mission to help cyclists enjoy riding more by making sure their bits are happy. The team brings together riders from many disciplines and all walks of life, including road cyclists, bike packers, gravel grinders, mountain bikers, triathletes, moms, dads, friends, and all-around bike stars. These folks have all types of backgrounds, but they’re bound by a love of pedaling—lots of pedaling.


Twenty-eight years ago, Steve Mathews founded Chamois Butt’r to manage the challenges of long days riding. At the time, bike chamois ranged from real leather that was inevitably stiff and scratchy or sub-par synthetics that came off the rack without much comfort. Mathews’ goal is the same now, as it was then, to make every ride more comfortable. This is just what his Chamois Butt’r has done for riders over the better part of three decades.

Today the company remains family-owned and operated, so that Steve can keep pursuing his passion for bikes and helping people get the most out of every ride. Mathews’ still runs the business with his midwestern values, and this ensures he never lets the bottom line dictate the quality of Chamois Butt’r ingredients or his employees’ work-life balance.


“Team Happy Bits allows us to directly support riders who are passionate about getting the most out of every mile. Our ambassador program has provided a unique opportunity to connect with athletes across the country during COVID-19, while simultaneously helping us build our community of Butt’r lovers through a shared love of adventure,” says Kara Mathews, Chamois Butt’r marketing and partnerships manager. “Chafing and saddle sores are a real bummer, yet at some point, they’re a fact of life for every cyclist. Chamois Butt’r exists so that riders don’t have to be uncomfortable—and this program helps us contribute to riders’ efforts to inspire others to live their best life on two wheels.”


Team Happy Bits will promote all kinds of bike life, along with Chamois Butt’r’s full line of skincare products, throughout North America during the 2021 season.

● Find out more information about the Chamois Butt’r Ambassador team here.

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