Must Watch: Return of The Goat 2 Premiere rolls out red carpet for 2021 YT Capra

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If you already ride a YT, chances are you’ll be safe. If you ride a mountain bike from any other brand, you’d better purchase the 2021 YT Capra 29er or MX right now. The Goat Man has returned, and he’s brought the Goat Fellowship with him. There is no hiding. Prepare to get goated.

return of the goat 2

In celebration of the launch of the new YT Capra, now in its 3rd generation, YT have produced a 20+ minute long thriller; Return of The Goat 2.

Return of The Goat II

For those of you who are like “what on earth has happened to YT to make them spend so much money on making this mini movie”? Well, it’s not the first time they’ve rolled out the red carpet for a new bike. The launch of the 2018 YT Capra is where the story of the Goat Man began…

The Original: Return of The Goat

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