Gear Break: Zwift Yumezi, Giant/Liv, Nuyarn, STATE/Grateful Dead, 50% Off Primal Masks & FESTKA


Gear Break: A new World awaits with Zwift’s Makuri Islands, Giant, Liv, and The Pro’s Closet announce new partnership, revolutionary Nuyarn Spinning Tech creates the only true performance wool, STATE x Grateful Dead collaboration, 50% off Primal masks and Cycling Pop Ups organized by community-based cycling collective Rubber N’ Road during COVID-19 pandemic helped FESTKA to enter NYC market.

A New World Awaits with Zwift’s Makuri Islands
Yumezi, the first map within Makuri Islands is available to explore from today.

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Zwift, the online global fitness platform, opened its latest virtual travel destination, Makuri Islands. Makuri Islands is an entirely new Zwift World primed for future expansion. The first map within Makuri Islands will be Yumezi, a fantastical countryside destination, inspired by Japanese culture.


The spirit of an ancient land is calling. Yumezi’s tranquil forests have been still and quiet for years but from today, a new energy will be felt as its roads and gravel trails will be opened to Zwifters for exploration by bike or by foot. Yumezi (yu-meh-zi ᐧ 夢路) means “path to dreams.” Yumezi is a Japanese haiku-inspired name, with its two characters (夢路) taken from a poem by renowned Meiji-era poet, Shiki Masaoka.

Yumezi boasts a wide variety of road types from tight, flat, winding roads ideal for fast races to dirt roads and cobbled market streets. Zwifters exploring the new map will discover lush green fields, ginkgo forests bristling with life and mystical creatures, cherry blossom trees, gushing waterfalls and ancient temples. This new map really is one for the senses, so why not hide your display for the first ride and soak in the scenery?


Yumezi features 8 new routes across 53 miles of new roads here:

  • Sea to Tree (3.3km/108m elevation) – A short, challenging climb from the peaceful Fish ing Village.
  • Kappa Quest (9.1km/140m elevation) – This scenic loop is filled with Temples and Shrines.
  • Chain Chomper (13.6km/184m elevation) – Two challenging KOM’s and a Sprint, test your endurance around the countryside.
  • Countryside Tour (15.9km/185m elevation) – From farmlands to mystical mountains, this looped route is the perfect way to visit the countryside!
  • Flatland Loop (13km/99m elevation) – A gentle and flat route winding around the countryside.
  • Two Village Loop (12.8km/88m elevation) – Explore two villages as you pedal through this challenging circuit.
  • Spirit Forest (8.5km/135m elevation) – Grind your way through this mystical figure 8. Visit at night and ride with the spirits!
  • Three Village Loop (10.6km/92.6m elevation) – Climb, sprint and explore three unique villages in one go.

Explore all of Yumezi’s fresh roads May 20–30, 2021, when the Makuri Islands are available as a special Guest World on the Zwift home screen. Starting June 1, Yumezi will be available for regular rotation.


● Learn more about the map and its inspiration here:

Giant, Liv, and The Pro’s Closet Announce New Partnership
First-of-its-kind Trade Up with Giant and Liv program lets riders trade in their current bikes for new Giant and Liv models.


Leading bicycle brands Giant and Liv announce a new partnership with The Pro’s Closet, the world’s largest retailer of Certified Pre-Owned bikes and components. Trade Up with Giant and Liv is a first-of-its-kind trade-in program that makes bike upgrades more affordable and easier. Powered by The Pro’s Closet, the program offers riders a seamless way to trade in their current bicycles and upgrade to new Giant and Liv models.

“From the beginning, our Trade Up program was developed to make selling an existing bike to help finance a new bike as easy as walking into your local bike shop,” said Travis Erwin, Chief Revenue Officer at The Pro’s Closet. “We’re excited to partner with these innovative brands and expand this program to participating Giant and Liv retail locations.”


Riders interested in upgrading their current bicycle can quickly apply to the Trade Up program. The submission process takes just a few minutes, requiring only two photos and a short description of their bike, which is then appraised by The Pro’s Closet’s team of experts. The Pro’s Closet will provide a Trade Up quote within 24 hours that can be redeemed for a voucher applicable toward the purchase of any new Giant or Liv bicycle online at or Finally, the customer takes their trade-in bike to the participating Giant or Liv retailer and takes home their new Giant or Liv bike.

“To date, no bicycle brand has created the venue or process to enable customers to stay in the game similar to motor sports or automotive. Giant Group has partnered with The Pro’s Closet to make it seamless to keep riders riding for life,” said John “JT” Thompson, General Manager of Giant Group USA. “Prior to this action, each bike purchase transaction has been viewed as a singular purchase with no trade-in or trade-up value. This trade up program is available to all Giant Group retailers; it’s a new day and game changer to offer Giant and Liv riders and retailers a way to upgrade their ride whenever the time is right. We are proud to be the first working with The Pro’s Closet on such a powerful project.”

Trade Up with Giant and Liv is an innovative program modeled after the auto industry’s approach to pre-owned cars. When customers can apply the value of their existing bike to a new purchase, they enjoy more flexibility and foresight when planning an upgrade. This program is designed to benefit both riders and local independent retailers by removing one of the primary challenges to purchasing a new bike.

giant map

● Trade Up with Giant and Liv is available at participating Giant USA retailers starting today.
● To find out more about these programs, visit: or

Revolutionary Nuyarn Spinning Tech Creates The Only True Performance Wool
Nuyarn – The world’s first performance stretch wool.

The graphic above demonstrates the differences between ringspun, corespun and Nuyarn structures

What makes Nuyarn different:
Nuyarn is a revolutionary spinning technology that amplifies the natural performance properties of merino, producing yarn for ultralight, high-performance stretch fabrics.

Whereas conventional ringspun or corespun merino twists wool fibers into a rope-like structure (which significantly reduces the performance potential of wool), Nuyarn drafts fibers along a high-performance core, creating a structure that amplifies the fiber’s natural properties.

Nuyarn’s incredibly fine, 2 ply twist-free yarn performs better across the board – in stretch, loft, strength, comfort, volume, dry time, next-to-skin feel and mechanical abrasion, spirality, pilling, elasticity, warmth, and ultraviolet protection.

The following benefits of Nuyarn were confirmed in tests performed by Dr. Stewart Collie, Science Team Leader of the Bioproduct and Fiber Technology Dept. at AgResearch NZ:

Compared to traditional merino, with up to 35% more volume and aeration, Nuyarn based fabric outperforms competitors in 5 key areas:

    1. 5x Faster Drying: Nuyarn begins to absorb moisture at the vapor stage, before it becomes droplets – one tier before synthetic fibers can absorb moisture.
    2. 35% More Elasticity: Nuyarn offers up to 35% more stretch than conventional Merino, and regains its original length to 100%.
    3. 53% Less Air Permeability: Nuyarn fabrics are up to 53% less air permeable than conventional merino fabrics.
    4. 35% Higher Thermal Retention: Nuyarn fabrics offer up to 35% more thermal retention than conventional Merino fabrics.
    5. 50% Higher Burst Strength & 120% Stronger Seams: Nuyarn fabrics offer up to 50% higher burst strength and 120% stronger seams.

Nuyarn – lighter, faster, stronger, better.

Additional Benefits of Nuyarn:

  • Because Nuyarn is a mechanical process (vs. chemical), the benefits last for the entire lifetime of the garment.
  • Nuyarn garments outlast traditional merino garments by up to 3x.
  • More Comfortable – No twist means greater comfort and softness. (The itchiness of traditional merino results primarily from the twisting of yarn into a ropelike structure, forcing smaller fibers to stick out).

Technology and Sustainability

Nuyarn spinning machines are proprietary and built from the ground up.

On a like-for-like basis, Nuyarn technology uses 30% less raw materials, and with top-of-the-line machinery, it can be spun between 140 – 240m a minute, compared to conventional ring spinning at 12-14m a minute. That means Nuyarn facilities consume less space and use less energy.

Nuyarn Accreditations:

  • OEKO-TEX® 100 accredited
  • Responsibly sourced, certified non-mulsed merino wool

Where consumers can buy:

STATE x Grateful Dead Collaboration
Celebrating Cycling And Music


State Bicycle Co. and The Grateful Dead announce a collaborative effort to spread good vibes and take the recent bike boom to new heights. Both State Bicycle Co. and The Grateful Dead have built their respective followings around awareness, self-expression, and freedom. Now, these two brands announce a collaboration to offer a full line of bicycles, cycling apparel, and accessories. Each piece is adorned with the most treasured symbols associated with the Dead: the Dancing Bears and the Lightning Bolt.

State Bicycle Co. announces it will also produce two limited editions of its popular Klunker, decorated with Dancing Bears and Lightning Bolt decals. The SBC Klunker is a retro-inspired, combination of a beach cruiser, mountain bike, and BMX bike. The State Bicycle Co. x Grateful Dead special edition Klunkers epitomize carefree days with the wind in your hair.

State Bicycle Co.’s Co-Founder, Mehdi Farsi stated, “Having teamed up with the Grateful Dead, we are combining environmental consciousness with the free spirit that has characterized multiple generations of Dead Heads around the world. The music and the vibe of the Grateful Dead is a perfect match for the expansive feelings we all gain through bicycling!”

This collaborative effort is a continuation of State Bicycles’ passion for combining music, culture, and cycling. As pop culture influences every aspect of our lives, this reflective capsule collection will sell out faster than a ticket to see the Dead in concert.


State Bicycle Co. x Grateful Dead Klunker:

  • Dancing Bears & Lightning Bolt edition
  • Sized for riders 5’5″ to 6’3″
  • Frame: Durable Steel Frame & Fork w/5 Year Warranty
  • Handlebars: BMX Style V-bar with 7″ rise, 30” extra-wide with Vans Grips
  • Wheels: Extra Durable 36h BMX Style Rim w/ 2.3″ WTB Mountain Bike Tires
  • Saddle: Retro-style Leatherette Comfort Saddle
  • Gear: 42t Crank with 22t Coaster Style Cog for cruising
  • Brakes: Coaster Brake – Just Pedal Backwards
  • Pedals: Flat MTB Style Platform Pedals
  • Extras: Bottle Opener Included MSRP $549.99.

State Bicycle Co. x The Grateful Dead – Apparel (Sustainable Clothing Collection)


State Bicycle Co.’s “Sustainable Clothing Collection” represents mindfulness and respect for nature with each item made from recycled 100% post-consumer waste. Each cycling jersey and bib set in the SBC Sustainable Clothing Collection is constructed with REPREVE®, a polyester primarily recycled from water bottles. Performance and quality have not been spared in the name of sustainability. State Bicycle Co. emphasizes exquisite fit, top performance, and attention to detail.

State Bicycle Co. x The Grateful Dead Jerseys

  • Tie-Dye Skulls Jersey (Sustainable Clothing Collection)
  • Lightning Bolt Jersey (Sustainable Clothing Collection)
  • Good ‘Ol Grateful Dead Jersey (Sustainable Clothing Collection)
  • MSRP $79.99



The State Bicycle Co. x Grateful Dead collaboration continues with accessories including, cycling caps, bicycle saddles, and handlebar tape featuring the fun Grateful Dead Dancing Bears, along with plenty of tie-dye.

  • More information on the full line of products included in this State Bicycle Co. x Grateful Dead collaboration can be found at

    Free domestic shipping on orders $75+

    From the center of Prague to Manhattan highstreets
    Cycling Pop Ups Organized by Community-Based Cycling Collective Rubber N’ Road During COVID-19 Pandemic Helped FESTKA to Enter NYC Market.


    A cyclist collective called Rubber N’ Road was launched by New York cyclists Gil Lavi & Max Davis as an e-commerce platform and a Pop Up Shop in the middle of the COVID-19 pandemic. It was a way to connect New Yorkers with emerging, independently-owned, global cycling brands including the Czech producer of high-end, carbon road bicycle frames FESTKA. Lavi and Davis partnered with Volvo Cars USA to host the event at Volvo Cars Manhattan, the automaker’s flagship studio, offering a contemporary and spacious setting for the community to gather. The site is conveniently located just one block east of Manhattan’s West Side Bike Path Greenway. Now New Yorkers can touch, feel, and ride bicycles and check out gear that once seemed like distant dreams.

    “Once COVID-19 restrictions eased in the fall, we wanted to find a way to offer our community a cycling experience like never before. We decided to do a pop up in New York City in partnership with Volvo; together with the most outstanding bespoke cycling brands from around the world to allow people to engage with the culture,” says Rubber N’ Road’s co-founder Gil Lavi. “We brought into town bikes that no one had seen before: the FESTKA Scalatore Mummy being one of the notable ones. We presented to the market apparel and accessories from brands that offer a level of quality that had not been available here and displayed cutting edge components with an incredible sense of beauty.”


    The ample space offered by the Volvo Studio provided an open area that gave people a feeling of comfort despite COVID. This stood in contrast to many New York venues that had either suspended operations or are small and had to limit capacity due to social distancing. Over 700 guests attended the pop up over 3 days. The first event was so outstanding that Rubber N’ Road held another pop up, but with some twists; hosting the follow-up on the 30th floor of a Park Avenue tower by appointment only. Cycling will take center stage in the heart of New York City once again during each Sunday in April 2021, when Rubber N’ Road launches the next edition of its NYC Cycling Pop Up Series. The event will feature new spring releases and global launches from the world’s finest cycling brands: once again including FESTKA.

    “New York City has always been a trend-setting location for luxury premium brands, arts, and design. We are happy that we have found such a great partner in Rubber N’ Road and that we have this great opportunity to showcase our new bikes to New Yorkers via their unique Pop Ups,” says FESTKA co-founder Michael Moureček. “Under normal circumstances, we would not get to Manhattan to showcase our bikes and it would probably not be possible to organize such pop up events; certainly not in these attractive venues. So, the pandemic situation actually helped us in this way.”

    “To me, the choice of FESTKA as our partner was easy. FESTKA makes the most beautiful bikes in the world, inside and out: period. On top of that, there is also a deep emotional connection for me personally. My father was born in Ústí nad Labem in the Czech Republic. He and his family left to move to Israel in the 50’s when he was still a kid. In Israel he became obsessed with cycling,” says Gil Lavi.


    Bike shops and bicycle market in the U.S. and NYC
    The majority of bike shops in America are currently committed to a single mainstream brand. While these shops might carry an additional second-tier brand that the primary brand doesn’t perceive as a threat, only 25% of bike shops in the US are able to sell bikes from more than one mainstream brand. Only 7 bike shops nationwide are able to carry bikes from all 4 of the major brands in this market. In New York City over the last 5 years, one of the major bike brands used its financial resources and power to eliminate local retailers and open nearly 10 self-owned and operated locations. A further major brand didn’t shy away from aggressive tactics either. In contrast to its competitor, it choose not to put its own logo on the bike shops it now owns, rather it maintained or created local faces and names as fronts for corporately-owned stores.

    “This leaves a city like New York, one of the most diverse cities in the world, an extremely cosmopolitan place, with a market that is largely controlled by a duopoly. New York is all about individualism, celebrating differences, and being truly authentic. Our cycling community is so rich and amazing. We thought we deserve better, and this was the reason why Rubber N’ Road was launched,” explains Gil Lavi.


    The story of Rubber N’ Road
    Gil and Max founded Rubber N’ Road in the middle of the COVID-19 pandemic. After years working with and consulting for a number of large brands in the cycling industry, the two New Yorkers felt that it was time to create a new way to serve the local cycling community. Where Gil channels the pulse and creativity of the global cycling community, Max is a connoisseur of New York road cycling (born in the City just steps away from Central Park) and has helped train many cyclists throughout the years. Together, they are crafting a unique cycling experience that had not been previously available in New York City.

    With Rubber N’ Road, Max and Gil decided to bring a fresh alternative to the cycling industry’s habit of using glittery paint jobs to cover up less-than-ideal supply chains and products. Instead, they decided to focus on promoting and representing emerging, independent cycling brands that are responsible for their own manufacturing processes and product development.

    From the beginning, Gil and Max joined the cycling industry to inspire people to engage in the sport of road cycling and gravel riding. This journey continues with Rubber N’ Road, where the focus is on providing the cycling community with personal concierge services and curated products to elevate the cyclist’s riding experience.


    Spring Cycling Pop Up Connects NYC to Global Cycling Culture
    The event that redefined NYC’s cycling culture in 2020 is coming back to New York City for 2021..This Spring, April 4-25, the event will again every Sunday provide a fresh opportunity for New York City’s cycling community to connect with the global cycling culture and experience new cycling products, events, and content from around the world. The Pop Up merges an all-inclusive community approach with premium independent brands in an unparalleled physical environment.

    The Rubber N’ Road NYC Spring Pop Up is the third in the series, with the prior editions attracting cyclists at all levels and disciplines from across the tristate area (


    World-class road & gravel bikes will be showcased from brands including Factor, Festka and Ritte, alongside premium cycling apparel from BBUC, Isadore, MAAP, and Q36.5. Helmets. Sunglasses will be available from Kask and KOO. Complimentary coffee and Swedish pastries will be available to all guests, courtesy of Volvo Cars USA.

    Note: PezCyclingNews ask that you contact the manufacturers before using any products you see here. Only the manufacturer can provide accurate and complete information on proper / safe use, handling, maintenance and or installation of products as well as any conditional information or product limitations.

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