woom powers UP e-bikes for kids with Fazua Evation equipped UP5 & UP6 e-MTBs

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It seems like the debate over e-bikes has cooled down a bit lately. So here to throw some new fuel on the fire is woom with their first e-bikes for kids! Other companies have already electrified select kids’ bikes, but woom thought it could be done better, with less weight. The result is the woom UP powered by Fazua.

Who is this for?

woom Fazua Evation equipped UP5 & UP6 e-MTBs

First, let’s start with why you might want an e-bike for your child. woom recommends these for kids have already have experience riding bikes as it will allow them to ride farther and possibly more frequently. That could open up the possibility of your young prodigy tagging along for a longer mountain bike ride than they would be happy to attempt under their own power. The merits of this approach will certainly be up for debate in the comment section, but that is one of the angles.

Of course, your child will need to be able to handle a heavy bike for it to all work. Thanks to the Fazua system, these are actually fairly light in terms of e-bikes. Fazua claims they’re up to 30% lighter than the competition.

But that still leaves you with a 35-37.3lb bicycle before adding pedals, water, and any other accessories. To be fair, there are inexpensive kid’s bikes out there that are just as heavy and aren’t motorized. Also, we also assume that like the adult Fazua bikes, you should be able to remove the drivepack and battery to make the bike quite a bit lighter while remaining completely functional as a non-e-bike.

Kid-Specific e-bike features

woom Fazua Evation equipped UP5 & UP6 e-MTBs control

Even if your child is capable of handling the heavier bike, assisted speeds that you would find on an e-bike for adults are probably a bad idea for kids. Which is why the woom UP bikes cut off any assistance after 12mph. The child will still be able to pedal and go faster, but only under their own power.

There are still three assist modes with Breeze (Blue), River (Green), and Rocket (pink), which provide 100/210/250 watts maximum assistance respectively. The fX control switch is on the top tube of the bike, but the system is also compatible with the Rider APP for additional control.

Both bikes are pedal assist only, meaning that they lack a throttle control. If you don’t pedal, you don’t move.

High End Build

woom Fazua Evation equipped UP5 & UP6 e-MTB drivetrain woom Fazua Evation equipped UP5 & UP6 e-MTB drivetrain woom Fazua Evation equipped UP5 & UP6 e-MTB drivetrain

In terms of bikes for children, the UP 5 and UP 6 have a decent build. The 6061 T6 butted/hydroformed aluminum frames are equipped with aluminum wheels with thru axle hubs and sealed bearings. The drivetrains consist of a SRAM NX 1×11 with a direct mount 28t chainring and 11-42t cassette. The crankset also features a narrow q-factor from the 150mm length aluminum crank arms.

woom Fazua Evation equipped UP5 & UP6 e-MTB brakes

Up front, an air spring suspension fork with 80mm of travel and adjustable rebound and compression damping plus lock-out is found, which runs a 100 x 15mm thru axle. The rear is also a thru axle, though 135mm x 12mm.

Hydraulic disc brakes help reign in the speed, and real mountain bike tires in the form of 2.35″ Schwalbe Rocket Rons in their Addix Speed compound keep traction high.

woom Fazua Evation equipped UP5 & UP6 e-MTB stem woom Fazua Evation equipped UP5 & UP6 e-MTB drivetrain woom Fazua Evation equipped UP5 & UP6 e-MTB saddle

Additional kid-friendly details include 680mm wide bars with a flip-flop 50mm stem, smaller diameter grips, and a kid’s specific saddle.

Models and Pricing

woom Fazua Evation equipped UP5 & UP6 e-MTBs complete bike

Available in the UP 5 and the UP 6, the main difference is in the size of the wheels. The UP 5 rolls on 24″ wheels and tires and fits kids approximately 7 to 11 years old (50’’ – 57” in height), while the UP 6 runs 26″ wheels and tires and is made for kids approximately 10 to 14 years old (55” – 65” in height).

Pricing starts at $3,599 for the UP 5, and $3,749 for the UP 6. Available now.


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