Muc-Off V2 Tubeless Valves are lighter, stronger and tire insert compatible

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Muc-Off have released tire insert compatible tubeless valves. These are their second generation tubeless valves, now made from a lighter, stronger aluminium. The rim-side is shaped specifically to allow air and sealant to flow freely into the tire even when you’ve a tight tire insert installed. Here’s more.

Muc-Off V2 Tubeless Valves

mucoff v2 tubeless valves for mtb tire inserts gravel

First, why?

Regular tubeless valves simply don’t work with the vast majority of tire inserts on the market. CushCore, Nukeproof and Rimpact are examples of tire insert manufacturers who actually supply tire insert-specific valves with the sale of every insert.

How are they different?

mucoff v2 tubeless valves for tire inserts

On the outside of the rim, they are the same as any other tubeless valve; it’s on the inside of the rim where the functional difference exists. Generally speaking, they have holes or channels that allow air and sealant to flow laterally out the sides of the valve, rather than out the bottom of the valve where the tire insert is pressed firmly.

mucoff v2 tubeless valves machined shape six slots

The new Muc-Off V2 Tubeless Valves address this flaw of their original tubeless valves with a new shape. There are now six channels that flow laterally away from the central portion of the valve; this will allow riders to top up with tire sealant without having to drop the bead, using an injector such as the KOM Cycling Sealant Injector.

mucoff v2 tubeless valves sealant flow lateral tire insert compatible

What else is new? The original Muc-Off Tubeless Valves were made from 6061 aluminium. The V2 valves are upgraded to aircraft grade 7075 aluminium, a lighter and stronger option. It may seem a bit ridiculous to talk about the strength of a tubeless valve. But, only last week the valve on a friend’s rear wheel was completely sheared off by an unfortunate rock strike, leaving her with a long walk home.

Pricing & Availability

mucoff v2 tubeless valves mtb

Pick up the Muc-Off V2 Tubeless Valves for £24.99 per pair, available in no fewer than ten colorways and 44mm, 60mm and 80mm lengths.

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