Tour of America’s Dairyland p/b Kwik Trip What’s New For 2021


The 2021 edition of Tour of America’s Dairyland p/b Kwik Trip launches in all its glory in just one week on Wednesday, June 16th! For the next 12 days (Taking an unusual day off on Sunday, the 20th!), we will be racing on streets familiar to many and some not so familiar to any of us, but with one common theme, sincere Midwest hospitality full of gratitude that you have come to race your bikes in America’s Dairyland!


What’s New For 2021
We are beyond thrilled to bring this news to you and while it is not the traditional Saturday, just having the historical Downer Avenue neighborhood on Milwaukee’s eastside back on the schedule where it belongs gives us all reason to celebrate! As we have been discussing now since we got the needed green lights from our host communities, the guidance from national, state and local health agencies has been evolving and we promised to keep you advised to any changes to our “What’s New For 2021” waivers you are required to read and acknowledge prior to race day. That language is now changing and while we’ll let you read and sign it prior to bib pickups, here are some highlights:

Wristbands Required to Race
You MUST be wearing an approved wristband to ride on the course, including racing and warm-ups. There are two types of approved wristbands that will be issued at the Ascension Health Screening Zone near Registration: a one-time black and white wristband for riders who show proof they are fully vaccinated and a daily wristband for riders who have passed a daily health screening. Note to self, proof of vaccination in essence gets you a “hall pass” to bypass the daily health screen needed to get the wristband you will need to race. The daily wristbands will change EVERY DAY!

No Mask Mandatory Zones
While we will continue to strongly request you wear a mask if you are not vaccinated, we will NOT mandate it and thus rely on everyone’s sense of personal responsibility in looking out for your own health as well as that of others around you who may or may not have the luxury of making the choice to get vaccinated.

Mass Race Starts
There will not be a managed grid system and there will NOT be a mandatory mask requirement in lineup, but again request that those who are not vaccinated to wear one until directed to remove. Again, this will NOT be mandated, but requested by those not vaccinated. You will be asked to raise your arms just before you hear “riders ready” from the chief referees to show further proof that you are on the day’s start list.

Rule of the Day?
Other than this, please read through the entire updated “What’s New for 2021” and if you are still waiting to register, know that prices go up $20/race on Monday, June 14th at 12:00pm CDT! Racing has never been more affordable at base prices of $15 for juniors, $40 for adult amateurs and $50 for our Pro/1/2’s!

And Primeville USA p/b Janesville is ready with at least $50,000.00 JUST IN PRIMES ready to be won on top of our daily prize lists, the swag like Kwik Trip’s Nature’s Touch Chocolate Milk, Bonk Breaker energy and nutrition bars, Bananas from Kwik Trip every day, our famous cowprint jerseys now produced by Santini of Italy, the Lowlands Lion Sprint Primes in a shortened two day series with some sweet Tee shirts on top of the cash ($6000 in total!) and of course the amazing trophies created by our very own Mike Froh.


Be seeing you soon and don’t forget that registration deadline to save $20 per race; Monday, June 14th at 12:00pm CDT. REGISTER NOW!

Riders ready????


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