Commencal Supreme DH prototype models virtual high pivot suspension linkage

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The Commencal Factory team were spotted racing a brand new downhill bike at the opening round of the 2021 World Cup Downhill series this weekend in Leogang. Second and third placed Thibault Daprela and Amaury Pierron were seen aboard the prototype Commencal Supreme with a rather complex-looking virtual high pivot suspension platform. Here’s what we know so far.

commencal supreme dh prototype downhill bike
Cory spotted the prototype in the pits at Leogang.

Commencal Supreme Prototype DH Bike

Let’s start with the little that we do know about the prototype Supreme, before moving on to the realms of hypothesis and somewhat educated guesswork.

  • It’s a mullet
  • It has an aluminium frame (for now)
  • Commencal have no immediate plans for production
commencal supreme dh prototype downhill bike amaury pierron leogang
Photos c. Commencal/@NicoBrizin

You’ll notice that everything looks a bit clunky just now, with unrefined pieces of hardware dotted about the bike allowing the Commencal engineers to continually experiment with their take on a virtual high pivot suspension linkage.

commencal supreme dh prototype
Two links actuate the shock on the Commencal Supreme DH Prototype

There is a lot to get your head around here. And, without non-driveside images of the suspension linkage, we can do little more than guess at what exactly lies behind the CNC machined plate supporting the chain idler. But, we can tell you there are at least three sets of pivot bearings nestled in behind there.

commencal supreme sh prototype
The seat stays are braced, but that brace is connector here for some as-of-yet unknown reason

Connecting that triad of pivots to the rocker is what looks to be a CNC machined brace plate that itself has two potential upper mounting points. These likely alter the leverage curve slightly and allow Commencal and their riders to experiment with different setups quickly using the same parts.

commencal supreme dh prototype cassette derailleur dropouts adjustable length chainstay

This is not the only point at which adjustments can be made. Note the rear dropouts are elongated, possibly allowing for chainstay length adjustment. The chainring may also be hiding a flip-chip at the lower shock mount. 

commencal supreme dh chain idler fixed position

Welded to the base of the seat tube, just above what might normally be considered the “main pivot” (sitting just behind the chain ring), is the aluminium plate that supports the chain idler. On the current production Supreme, the idler’s position changes as the bike goes through its rear wheel travel as it is bolted to the rear swingarm.

However, on the prototype we see here its position does not change as the bike goes through its travel. Here, it is largely responsible for isolating drivetrain forces from the suspension in a bid to reduce, or even eradicate, pedal kickback.

commencal supreme dh proto
The prototype’s virtual high pivot point likely gives rise to a rearward axle path

We’re waiting to hear back from Commencal on pretty much all of the above…

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