VYNL Bikes Relaunches: New Ownership, plus new Road and Gravel Disc frames

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After a year-long hiatus, Boulder, CO’s VYNL Bikes is back. New ownership seeks to revive the company by adding two new frame designs but maintains the brand’s characteristic stripped-down approach. Ownership is also intent on keeping the company entirely U.S.-based, from fabrication to delivery.

vynl bike gravel frame
VYNL Gravel Disc

Road and gravel disc frames join the original road rim design for the relaunch. Though the VYNL stable will expand, new co-owner Max Clauson says the company will maintain its strict manufacturing standards.

“The VYNL lineup may expand but one thing will remain,” Clauson said. “We’re absolutely staying committed to fast bikes with aggressive race geometry and careful, skilled manufacturing.”

viny bike road disc frame detail

Keeping it Local: VYNL Bikes’ New Virtue

According to the company’s PR, Clauson and his wife, Sabrina, intend to operate VYNL as an intimate shop in bike-centric Boulder. Though they don’t promise to source every part from inside the city limits, they commit to U.S.-based manufacturing.

With regional production, the brand seeks to keep development and delivery nimble. It emphasizes its goal of getting handmade frames to market with reasonable turnaround times.

“In the context of the world’s crazy current events, U.S. production also allows us to have bikes, in stock, [sic] and ready to ship without the restraints of the global supply chain,” Max said.

vynl bike frame made in the usa

The localization strategy may also help engage VYNL Bikes’ community. “From our headquarters here in Boulder, we’re remaining committed to 100% USA-made frames and leveraging local talent as much as possible,” Max explains. “Not only is it great to support local craftspeople, but we can ensure quality and develop new prototype ideas on the fly.”

vynl bike road disc frame
VYNL Road Disc

If the brand’s immediate expansion on relaunch is any indication, prototypes could fly relatively hard and fast if VYNL regains its stability. Taking a year off is a challenge for any manufacturer, and the Clausons put their noses firmly to the grindstone by keeping it local. But they see their situation as an advantage.

“Boulder also has a great ecosystem of partners for us to leverage as we grow this business,” Max said. “We feel very lucky to be based here and are excited for VYNL to put down deep roots into the community.”

max and sabrina clauson vynl bike owners
new VYNL owners Sabrina and Max Clausen

VYNL Availability and Options

The new VYNL Bikes website and ordering process is now live. Customers can choose from 21 paint choices and two decal options for each of the 3 frames.

vynl bikes road rim frame blue
VYNL Road Rim

As of this writing, the classic VYNL Road Rim was ready for delivery. The new Road Disc and Gravel Disc designs were an estimated six to eight weeks out. All frames start at an MSRP of $1750.

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