The Surly Corner Bar is now serving MTB dropbar positions without changing components

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“If it weren’t weird, it wouldn’t be Surly.” That certainly is applicable to a lot of things that Surly does, but they’re also great at making bikes that are both functional and affordable. So when it came to figuring out how to add dropbar positions to a mountain bike, Surly figured out a way to do it without having to invest in all new components.

Surly Corner bar at angle

Typically, switching to a dropbar set up on a mountain bike would involve new brake levers and probably shifters at best. Worst case, it may require an entirely new drivetrain and brake set up depending on what you want to use. Either way, it’s not a cheap swap – especially if you’re unsure of whether or not you’ll like the new position.

The new Surly Corner Bar solves that problem by offering drop bar positions, while using all of your existing MTB controls.

Surly Corner Bar dimensions and measurements

Thanks to the nubs that protrude from the drops that are the same 22.2mm diameter you’d find on other MTB bars, you’ll be able to mount your existing brake levers and shifters. The brake levers will end up pointing down, similar to the position on a drop bar, while the shift lever is then positioned to the inside of the bar where it’s still reachable with your thumb. There are a few ways you can set up the Corner Bar with Surly outlining them here.

Surly Corner bar drop bar MTB

Offered in three widths (measured at the “drop” junction at 46, 50, and 54cm), the bars have a 41.4° flare making them 63-71cm wide at the ends. Made from forged chromoly steel with a black E.D. coating, the bars have a 25.4mm clamp diameter, a 94mm drop, and a 65.2° sweep.

Surly will begin serving the Corner Bar in September, at which point it will sell for $100.

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