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Inventory shortages got you down? We are scouring the web to find inventory restocks. Now and then, we’ll be posting bikes, components, and other gear that’s back in stock so that you can upgrade your ride or grab some fresh gear while it lasts!

This week it’s Alchemy Atlas Frames, a Silca Multi-tool, a scratch & dent sale from Wolftooth Components, and Saracen Dirt Jump Bikes.

First, some great news about a bike that was featured in our first Available Now post. The Alchemy Arktos is shipping out with a mere two-day turnaround time, so if you were on the fence about that one, now’s the time to go for it.

Alchemy Atlas Frames

Alchemy Atlas Carbon

The Alchemy Atlas family of road bikes is designed to be extremely versatile without sacrificing performance. Learn more about the recent revamp to the Atlas line here. The carbon framesets are back in stock and for $4,499 you can build out a bike that is unique to you.

Silca T-Ratchet + Ti-Torque Multi-tool Kit

Silca T-Ratchet + Ti-Torque Kit

This Silca toolkit is designed to avoid damage from getting overzealous when it comes to torque, which makes it an especially good option if you’re working on carbon. It packs up neatly and is small enough to fit in your back jersey pocket for roadside repairs. Grab one for $120 while they’re back in stock.

Wolftooth Components Scratch & Dent Sale

Wolftooth Components Scratch & Dent Sale

Wolftooth Components is making its loss your gain by unloading these less than perfect (most have simple laser engraving errors) parts at a discount. One man’s cosmetically imperfect but fully functional bike component is another man’s treasure, or however that saying goes. Components start at $2.65 and chainrings at $18. The best part is that they’re still fully covered by warranty.

Saracen Dirt Jump Bikes

Saracen Amplitude Dirt Jump Bike

This line of bikes from British mountain biking brand Saracen is designed to take on dirt jumps like a dream. You can grab a frameset for £300 or a full build from £600-£800.

In case you missed it, click here to check out what was back in stock last time.

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