Finish Line FiberLink Tubeless Sealant gets a refresh with new Pro Latex Formula

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Finish Line FiberLink tubeless sealant came out of the gate with some bold claims. Initially claiming that it would last the life of the tire, they eventually walked back those claims but continued to sell the latex-free formula. Now, Finish Line is introducing a new FiberLink sealant with the power of natural latex for faster sealing.

Finish Line Fiberlink latex tubeles sealant

Calling it their FiberLink Pro Latex Formula, the sealant supposedly offers a lower viscosity to allow the sealant to quickly find and plug holes. It still uses their Kevlar fibers that interlink and combine with the latex to form a plug for the leak. The main difference seems to be the addition of the natural latex to create a sealant that works quickly, seals punctures up to 8mm, and prevents air loss resulting in a long lasting sealant.

Adding Fiberlink sealant to tire How much finish line fiberlink sealant for tires

Based on their dosage guide, the recommended sealant amounts are in line with other brands.

Finish Line Fiberlink tubeless sealant options

Available in an 8oz squeeze bottle for $12.99, a 32oz bottle for $34.99, or a gallon jug for shop use (price not provided), the sealant will be available this fall.

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