Adorn your wheels with Nex-Gen Stem Gems for stronger tubeless vavles

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A tubeless valve stem is a tubeless valve stem, right? Not so fast. When it comes to tubeless valves, Nex-Gen Sports claims that all are not created equal. Rather than being constructed from “thin wall, welded or extruded aluminum tubing,” Nex-Gen Stem Gems are machined from solid bar stock which is just the start…

Nex-Gen Stem Gems tubeless valve strength

Starting with cold drawn solid bar stock, Stem Gems are CNC machined and then put through a “multi-stage anti-corrosion process that exceeds both American STM B117 and ISO/DIS 11130/2017 international standards.” Seemingly through their own testing, Nex-Gen claims that their valves are up to 200% stronger when compared with five other brands of extruded valves with similar lengths and identical wall thickness.

Nex-Gen Stem Gems rubber grommet Nex-Gen Stem Gems valve head

To make the sealing components more durable, all of the rubber pieces are removable and replaceable. The ends also feature a 4mm Allen fitting to help tighten them to the rim when first fitting them. Nex-Gen claims the alloy head of the valve stem is specifically engineered to work with their tire sealants without “causing ‘balling’ of the sealant ingredients.”

Nex-Gen Stem Gems weight

Offered in 42, 62, and 95mm valve lengths, actual weights start out at 4.7g for the 42mm valve with the cap. Sold as a pair in all black with a clear cap, the Stem Gems sell for $19.99.

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