#Vanlife: Backwoods Adventure Mods upgrades to 1-piece off-road bumpers for Ford Transits

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Backwoods Adventure Mods’ alloy offroad bumpers for Ford Transit camper vans are now all one-piece designs, an upgrade in looks and user-friendliness from the original 3-piece units.

They started doing the one-piece designs for 2020 Transits, but now they’re making them to fit 2015-2019 model vans, too. As far as offroad-ready aftermarket bumpers go, these are a serious upgrade for your custom Transit, and here’s why this update matters…

original 3-piece offroad bumper for ford transit from backwoods adventure mods
The original bumper design used three separate pieces, as seen here on our own custom Vandoit camper van.

The reason for the original multi-piece design was threefold: First, they could ship it easier in smaller boxes. Second, their robotic manufacturing system couldn’t yet produce something so long. Third, they thought the adjustability of the “wings” would be helpful when installing the bumpers.

Turns out, these new one-piece models are actually a lot easier to install, with plenty of vertical and rotational adjustment to ensure they’re perfectly positioned on the front of the van.

new one-piece offroad bumper for ford transits from backwoods adventure mods shown on vandoit custom camper van
Images courtesy of VanDOit from the floor of the Summer OR show.

The real obstacle to producing these were the robots in their factory. But, like most things, teamwork made the dream work. A new robot systems use 2-3 robot arms at a time…one to hold it, and 1-2 more to weld the pieces together (we have a full factory tour feature coming soon that shows this process…it’s rad!).

If you’re wondering, their Mercedes Sprinter models were always one piece, but they weren’t robotically welded.

new one-piece offroad bumper for ford transits from backwoods adventure mods shown on vandoit custom camper van

Weight is almost the exact same (~140lbs), and it’s compatible with up to a 12,000lb winch. They use a steel subframe to attach to the vehicle, but the exterior is a lighter weight aluminum that’s welded together in sections, then sanded to smooth the welds.

MSRP is $2,950 with the Bull Bar (the raised light bar seen on our van), and $2,750 without the bull bar. Prices are without lights or winch. Flat rate shipping is $200 within the U.S.

new rear offroad bumper for ford transits from backwoods adventure mods

The non-swing rear bumper is new, too, and allows you to keep all of the parking sensors and lane assist features. It even lets you use the Ford factory towing package.

Retail is $1800, but if you want to add their spare tire holder and/or cargo containers, you’ll need the swing version, which is not compatible with parking sensors because the accessories block their view.


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