Danú Bag gives hydration packs a new look for your daily commute

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Want to wear a hydration pack to explore your city but want something that will blend in when you hit the town? Danú Bag is here to help.

Danu Bag hydration pack

The startup melds hydration functionality with urban style designed to fit in at the coffee shop, museum, cocktail lounge, and wherever else your night takes you. And though it may look like a simple knapsack, it’s got plenty of pockets inside to keep you organized for work or play.

danu bag hydration pack

“The active community knows how important hydration is to feeling our best,” founder Aubree Holly says, “but if you’re like me, you also don’t want to wear a neon green backpack when exploring your city.”

Amen to that. We all like a good bike bar crawl, but wearing a fluorescent backpack at a casual function is just awkward. Here’s what Danú Bag is all about.

danu bag hydration pack

Danú Bag Hydration Pack Construction and Style

The pack starts with a black microfiber exterior that’s waterproof and vegan. A waterproof-lined pocket holds the top-access 2-liter reservoir. The hose comes out via a shoulder strap and secures with help from a magnetic compartment. The straps are also ergonomically constructed.

danu bag hydration sleeve

Inside, find places for all the EDC essentials like your laptop, phone, and keys.

The pack’s strength is clearly its simplicity. It’s designed to go with any outfit, anywhere, without attracting too much attention or overusing high-tech materials. It’s branded simply and unobtrusively on the front pocket, with a debossing method.

danu bag detail of embossing

You might say it’s a refreshing take on the hydration pack (see what we did there?), a category that often skews way too far toward high-performance to pull off casual-cool. Clearly, Danú Bag saw its opportunity.

The project will launch soon with a funding round on Kickstarter. No pricing details were available at the time of writing. Check it out at danubags.com.

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