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Today’s Readers’ Rig is an undeniably flashy ride with its bold Spanish Champion’s paint scheme and Corima Carbon wheels this Pinarello Prince stands out on the roads of Ireland as its owner races it hard in the local Master’s races.

The Valverde original

Name: Linus Devlin
Location: Ashford, Co Wicklow [50km south of Dublin] Ireland
Bike: Pinarello Prince
Groupset: Dura-Ace, with Ultegra shifters, FSA K Force carbon chainset
Wheels: Corima Aero+ carbon clinchers, running Conti GP4000s tyres
Pedals: Dura-Ace
Saddle: Specialised Romin Pro on a Pinarello most carbon seat post
Other: Zuus one piece bar /stem
Weight: 7.3kgs


When did you buy it?
In 2009 for the frame then the varying components have been upgraded over the past few years.

What made you choose this bike?
My previous racing bike sustained a slight crack in the drive-side seat stay, as a result of a mid race pile-up back in the summer of 2009. It was mid-season and I needed a replacement frame in a hurry. Through the grape-vine, I discovered that a fellow bike racer had just obtained a Pinarello Prince frame [under warranty] to replace one that had developed a crack. Rather than waiting the few months or so for the replacement to arrive from the factory, he bought a frame straight away and now had this for sale.

xpedo cxr pedalbanner with Brian McCullough

My first impression was that it was a bit too “bling-bling” but I have to admit the Pinarello paint scheme was quite striking, so I bought it and transferred everything from my previous race bike over. Not everything from the previous race bike suited, so in keeping with the striking RED colour of the frame, I bought a shiny Pinarello Most saddle, red bar tape, tyres and bottle cages. The bike was now ready to race.


What modifications/additions have you done?
This year the bike received a face lift and out went the red finishing kit…. to be replaced with everything in Stealth Black. I changed Gear Shifters keeping everything 10 speed, to enable me swap wheelsets from varying other bikes, a new bar-stem combo saddle to Specialised Romin – nothing else needed replacing other than the usual components due to wear and tear.


What components are you running?
Gearing – Dura Ace derailleurs / brakes / cassette [12-25] / Dura-Ace pedals – Ultegra shifters, Chainset – FSA K-Force carbon chainset [53-39] Wheels – Corima Aero + carbon clinchers, Conti GP 4000s tyres.


How many miles/kilometres do you do a year?
10,000 kms (6200 miles) on the road + over the winter months I incorporate mid-week night Mountain biking when it becomes too dark / dangerous for the road.

The Pinarello is ridden only in the racing season from April till about September and during this time doesn’t get used when it’s wet. The reason for this is that the braking performance from carbon clinchers in wet weather just ain’t good enough for me and I race on my BH G3 when it’s wet.

What do you love about this bike?
Its a pure race bike and I’m using it for exactly what it was built and designed for. Most races I ride are mainly “flat n fast” over distances from 40 up to 100kms – the bike is ideal for this. The frame is solid and doesn’t succumb to speed wobbles, which I’ve experienced on other bikes.


Favourite riding area?
I live in Co Wicklow, which is ideal biking territory. There’s numerous small quiet country roads over terrain varying from spectacular mountains and hills to scenic rolling country side and coastal roads.

We don’t have much flat land in Co Wicklow, which makes it difficult to host “flat n fast” road races and time trials. Fortunately, most of the races I participate in, are within an hours drive of my home. There’s nothing better than heading out on the bike in the evening after a hectic day at work – perfect “head therapy”.

Linus mixing it up on his Pinarello at the front in a local Masters race

Favourite riding experience on your bike?
Given that I regularly race this bike, my best riding experiences have to be those races in which I’ve achieved a result. My best result this year, was a 3rd place in a Masters road race where I was caught on the line…

Future upgrades?
I have nothing planned. I can’t think of an upgrade other than a younger body that could improve my racing experience. A new wheel-set might help, but I can’t fault the Corimas – they roll exceptionally well. Initially they were flexy, but I had them re-built which solved that issue.

I have avoided upgrading to an 11 speed groupset, as this would complicate the task of swapping wheels from my other bikes. Electronic gear shifting doesn’t tempt me either – I can find no fault with a perfectly tuned mechanical set up.


Last words?
Though the frame is 5 years old, other cyclists still regularly comment on how well it looks – the word “stunning” is often used. It’s a credit to Pinarello that their paint scheme has stood the test of time. Whilst I would have traditionally tended to veer toward the less “flash” – bike, car, clothing… this has slightly changed my outlook on things.

I raced on a road bike from 1979 up until 1985. I stopped then, after I began to feel I was missing out on things – I’d be going home at 11pm on a Saturday night to be up early for a race the following morning, whilst my friends were out in Nite-Clubs…

In the intervening period, I kept in shape lifting weights in varying gyms. 7 years ago, I asked my wife what she’d like for her birthday to which she replied “a mountain bike”. Before long, I was out searching for 2 mountain bikes [his/hers] which I duly bought. We did a bit of Mountain biking together in nearby forests, but within a few months she lost interest, whereas with me “the passion for cycling” had just been re-awoken. I bought a Colnago road bike within about a year and the rest is history.

Valverde in Dauphine yellow

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