Ride Ready ReCYLCED Powermeters from 4iiii give used cranks new life

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Earlier this year, 4iiii announced that they wanted to buy your old crank arms. Why? To reduce, reuse, and ReCycle. The company uses its new ReCYCLED program to repurpose gently used Shimano cranks and get its line of powermeters out to even more riders. It gives a nod to the planet in the meantime; reuse is the new recycle, as they say.

The brand inspects and cleans each crank, retrofits it with a powermeter and gives it a 3-year warranty and a 60-day no-questions-asked return policy. The finished product is called the Ride Ready ReCYCLED Crank. Now, all three of 4iiii’s powermeter options, including the top-end PRECISION PRO, are available as Ride Ready ReCYCLED cranks.

4iiii powermeters recycled shimano cranks

Sounds good to us, too. Here’s how it shakes out.

Ride Ready ReCYCLED Crank Concept

The new recycling program checks two boxes for riders: 1) it makes 4iiii’s pre-installed Ride Ready powermeters more accessible, and 2) it introduces a sustainability element.

First of all, the ReCYCLED line makes each of 4iiii’s powermeters more affordable. That’s the case across models, whether you opt to order a crank setup from 4iiii or send them your existing setup for install.

4iiii powermeters recycled shimano crank

Then there’s the environmental advantage. Aluminum can be recycled indefinitely, but it’s also highly non-biodegradable. And recycling anything requires its own energy input; reusing it obviously doesn’t.

Of course there’s also that whole global product shortage the industry has been dealing with too. This program helps there too, with 4iiii able to keep selling crankset based powermeters at a time when the availability of new cranksets is extremely limited.

Options and Pricing

You can get the Precision, higher-end (and lower-profile) Podiiiium, or dual PRECISION PRO in the 4iiii Ride Ready ReCYCLED line. The brand offers extensive resources and guides for fitment. As of this writing, the Podiiiium was out of stock, but the other setups cost 20-30% less than their non-recycled counterparts.

Check it out at 4iiii.com.

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