Strava Privacy Zones expand with new Edit Map Visibility functions

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Want to share your ride with friends? Strava is a great tool for that. Don’t want to share all your personal information with strangers? Strava is getting better for that as well.

strava privacy settings

Riders that weren’t keen on showing everyone exactly where they lived have already been making use of the Strava Privacy Zones. Now, those Privacy Zones get a new name with Edit Map Visibility, giving riders more control over their privacy settings.

Essentially, you’ll now have the ability to control the visibility of the entire map with three different ways to keep your location private. You can hide the first mile from the start/end of a specific location (same as the current setting), but now you can also hide the first mile of the start/end of a ride from any location for every ride, or you can completely hide the map of the entire activity. That last one will also hide it from the global heatmap or anywhere on Strava for that matter.

hide your location on strava

Note that hiding a specific address is also retroactive, applying to all activities past and future. The other two options will only apply to future uploads.

All of the new privacy features will be rolled out on August 18th, at which point an update of the app should make the features available to all users.

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