Review: Delta Cycle’s hexAir saddle covers cushion those in-between rides

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While we love to ride fast on every ride, we’re not always stoked on pressing a firm performance saddle between our legs on a quick ride to the store. Especially when riding in normal shorts, not Spandex.

Fortunately, the Delta Cycles hexAir saddle covers take all of five seconds to slip over our racing saddles, and then it’s off to the…

delta hex air silicone gel saddle cover shown from top

Made of stretchy silicone, the hexAir cover slides over most “performance” shaped bike seats. It comes in two sizes, Touring and Racing:

HexAir Touring Saddle Cover
Dimensions: 10″ x 6.5″ x 2.5″ // 254mm x 165mm x 63.5mm
Weight: 4.9 oz / 139 g

HexAir Racing Saddle Cover
Dimensions: 10″ x 5.5″ x 2″ // 254mm x 140mm x 60mm
Weight: 3.4 oz / 113 g

delta hex air silicone gel saddle cover

The exterior is smooth, with a few dimples for texture. The grippy nature makes it perfect for holding its position on the seat and holding you on the seat, too. We never noticed any slippage.

delta hex air silicone gel saddle cover being pulled onto saddle

Underneath are hexagonal recesses that provide the squish, and squish it does. It’s actually very, very comfortable.

delta hex air silicone gel saddle cover shown from bottom

We stretched it over an Ergon road saddle on a Moots ‘cross bike and used it for errands and just whipping around town. The silicone is shaped to easily stretch around the saddle and hold tight.

delta hex air silicone gel saddle cover on a bicycle

Honestly, at first, we were a bit skeptical we’d wanna use this. After all, we like our saddles…when we’re kitted out with a good pair of bibshorts and some chamois cream. Just not so much when we’re not kitted up.

In fact, after pulling it off and sitting on the saddle without it, we really missed it. It basically makes up for the lack of a chamois pad on quick commutes, except it’s even more comfortable.

Got a friend that’s not into bike shorts? Get them on one of these and they’ll be good to go for miles in comfort. Or take it to the gym for the spin bikes.

Bottom line: For $30, it’s a great accessory to have around for when you need to use your bike for something other than serious riding.

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