Must Watch: Bombing LA’s most dangerous descent, captured on Insta360 ONE X2

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If haring it down the asphalt on skinny tires is your thing, then this video of Safa Brian bombing down LA’s most dangerous descent, Las Flores, will be right up your street. Cutting corners and drafting vehicles… let’s just say Safa takes some calculated risks on this decent, reaching speeds of over 50 MPH in certain spots. Nothing that hasn’t been done before of course, but Safa captures the whole thing with a 360° camera, which makes for some pretty cool viewing. It starts getting good at around 3 minutes in.

“As I mentioned during the ride I was not going to set any records this day but the conditions turned out to be fairly fast with minimal traffic and a clean road surface. I ended up shaving a few seconds off the fastest time on Las Flores which was a nice surprise, Strava link below. I’ve been putting a lot of runs down here for when the time is right to film a full blown Descent Disciples attempt. Practice makes perfect as the saying goes” – Safa Brian.

How did Safa get this footage? He used the Insta360 ONE X2, a pocket-sized camera that shoots up to 5.7K footage with 360° capture. Check out pricing on Amazon.

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